Scenic parks & gardens featured in British TV and movie scenes

Great Britain’s parks and gardens are internationally known for their refined style, and as such, they have been featured in many TV shows and movies. Don’t miss our hand-picked selection of the UK’s most scenic film locations.    More British TV parks & gardens to discover from VisitBritain This widget can be found at; The Scottish Highlands Thanks to their unmatched beauty and dramatic scenery, the Scottish Highlands are a natural film location. Visitors will recognise parts of Fort […]

Rugby World Cup in Newcastle: one year to go

Being one of the UK’s most exciting cities, Newcastle is no stranger to major events. And when it comes to the world of sport, it doesn’t get much bigger than the Rugby World Cup, which Newcastle is set to host next year. The Rugby World Cup 2015 That’s right, rugby fans only have one year to go – well, more like a year and a half, if we’re splitting hairs – to see some of the most nail-biting rugby action […]

Explore the Aegean region of Turkey

Do you love a dose of culture with your beach break? The Mediterranean coast may be home to the most popular resorts for holidaymakers, but the Aegean coast of Turkey is a great bet for travellers looking for more than sun, sand and sea. From the ancient Roman city of Ephesus – home to the Temple of Artemis – to the stunning resort of Alaçati, there’s more than enough to keep even the most active of traveller’s happy. What’s more, […]

What Not To Miss On An Arctic Expedition

The Arctic is an amazing place to discover on a holiday, with its rugged, unspoilt landscapes, incredible wildlife and breathtaking coastline. While many people think of Arctic tours as little more than an opportunity to see majestic polar bears, there is a lot more to look out for on these trips. We’re going to highlight a few of the top things to see and do on an expedition to the Arctic. Spot polar bears Of course you can’t visit the […]

Selected online activities to do while backpacking

So you’ve boarded the plane and are now jetting off to an exotic destination – but what can you do with your down time? Here are five tips on passing the time online for travelers.   While the thought of backpacking conjures up images of donning your walking boots and getting in touch with nature in The Outback, or scaling the Great Wall of China, have you thought about what to do while you’re at rest? Taking your laptop or […]

Thomas Cook uses Twitter to tweak your Vacation

Harness the power of Thor! Ok, so Twitter is no Thor’s hammer but it has been transformed a little into becoming a pocket travel agent. As a backpacker I look for ways to make my life easier especially in unfamiliar territory. Thomas Cook created a Twitter system that allows you to tweet their “Holidays’ to Go!” to find insider info and holiday deals. I didn’t think that a global system would respond back to me but by sending @TCOffers a […]

Prepare to Travel to Las Vegas and (hopefully) Win a Fortune!

Las Vegas is still the place to go if you want to have a great time at the casino. The array of casinos available is endless. They all have atmosphere, are fun, entertaining and can even be profitable. However, before you get there, you may need to brush up on your gaming skills. There is nothing better than going into a casino with enough knowledge to give you the chance to win that big prize. In order to increase your […]

Top city breaks for artists

Some artists work best in quiet, secluded places, but others thrive when everything around them is buzzing. A thriving arts scene, creative atmosphere, and abundance of galleries to look at and draw inspiration from can all be valuable creative triggers. There are a number of cities around the world with plenty to offer for artistic holidaymakers. Taking a city break can be a great chance not only to produce new and interesting artwork, but to inject your future art with […]

Galapagos Getaway

Are you in the need of that secluded island getaway? Well Gecko Adventures has the perfect solution for you; they are currently offering an amazing sale to the hidden Galapagos Islands.  These lesser known islands are located just shy 1000km off the South American coast and are a part of continental Ecuador. With a small population that is predominantly Spanish speaking you will be able to practise your language skills as you meet some of the locals and experience island […]

How to have a stress free holiday in Zante

Zante is such a popular destination that even if you haven’t visited the place I am sure that you know someone who has. The sun is always shining and everyone there just seems to be in a good mood and happy about life, why wouldn’t you be? You’re next to the beautiful beaches, with great weather and amazing food to eat! It has now been a favourite of people from the UK for many, many years. Each year thousands of […]

Staying healthy when backpacking in Africa

Backpacking is a great way to explore foreign countries, however, when visiting exotic locations, such as Africa, there are sensible precautions you should take in order to stay healthy. Africa is home to some of the deadliest diseases in the world, including tuberculosis, malaria and Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) leading to Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS). Medical kit Doctors and hospitals are few and far between in remote areas of Africa so it’s essential to pack a comprehensive first aid and […]

What are package holidays and their advantages?

People love to holiday and when they picture themselves in popular holiday destinations, they talk about package holidays. What is a package holiday? Let’s have a look at what is a package holiday. Whenever you go for a holiday overseas it is not only the hotel accommodation that you have to pay for there are other elements also included in the package. Flights add up to a costly element in the package. In case you are flying more than 5 […]

The Best Sites and Attractions in Tenerife

For those of you that have been lucky enough to visit Tenerife you will know just how amazing the place is and what a fantastic choice it is for a holiday. If you haven’t been yet, then why not? The sunshine and beaches are waiting for you right now, it is just a couple of hours away on plane. If you booked your holiday now you could be lounging on the beach, forgetting about the horrible weather and stresses of […]

Cancun to Costa Rica

If you’re looking for a trip of at least a month that takes in fabulous beaches, mountain scenery, indigenous and colonial history, great nightlife and tasty meals, try this for size – a journey down through Central America. It can get pretty wild along the way, but the start and end points are well-developed cities with easy transport connections. San Jose, Costa Rica’s capital, is a great spot for nightlife with a fantastic casino scene. It’s like Vegas for backpackers, […]

Getting an upgrade: The facts

I don’t think it is just me that always hopes I am lucky when I check in for my flight and hope that I am upgraded to business class, lots of fellow travellers have told me that they are always hopeful that the person at the check in desk is having a good day and feeling generous. An easy way to get upgrade is to be a frequent flyer with an airline, they are more likely to upgrade you if […]

The Endless Delights of Naples

When you think Naples you might think pizza, the city which lays claim to this worldwide concept more than any other but equally you first port of call may be a trip to Pompeii and Vesuvius, a dominant feature on the skyline. Either way Naples is an unforgettable experience on Italy’s western coast. Cuisine Italian cuisine’s popularity goes without saying and an Italian holiday will allow you to enjoy it at its best after seeing the wonderful mix of art, […]

20 Things You Might Not Know About Travel

It can be difficult to get answers about travel but this list of 20 lesser-known travel details will help. 1.     Do I need a visa for short stays? This is dependent on the country you are visiting.. Consult the country’s embassy or government website for specifics. 2.     Do I have to write to the embassy and explain why I’m visiting? Sometimes you do. Taiwan is one of these countries but this process is only required for a stay of over […]

Take a Flight To Barbados and Enjoy a Tropical Paradise

The amazing island of Barbados is situated in the Eastern Caribbean Sea and while it is less than 200 square miles in size it is packed with tropical beauty, interesting sights and fun activities. It has a perfect mix of sun, sand and value for money and is only four or five hour’s flight time from many major east coast destinations. There are no language difficulties with English being the national language of Barbados so driving is also easy although […]

Infograph: Best Travel Apps and Gadgets

Discover the essential travel apps and gadgets for 2014 that will help you get the most from your holiday! Infographic by Villa Plus

Log Cabins and Wilderness: The Attraction of Summer Holidays in Lapland

Lapland might be best known as a winter holiday destination but its summer charms are just as enticing. The snowy wilderness becomes a nature lover’s paradise over the summer months when lush green forests carpet the mountains around mirror-like lakes. Incredibly long days and warm weather add to the region’s attraction and create the perfect conditions for exploring the great outdoors. Here are just some of the reasons why a summer holiday in Lapland could be the wilderness adventure of […]

How to beat the queues at the Seaworld parks

America’s three SeaWorld parks, in Orlando, San Antonio and San Diego, are great places for families to learn about and interact with marine life, while enjoying traditional theme park activities like thrill rides, live entertainment and fun, family-friendly restaurants. However, like any theme parks, sometimes the lines and the crowds at SeaWorld can be overwhelming. There ARE ways to avoid the worst of the crowds, if you plan ahead. Consider the following tips for beating the lines at SeaWorld before […]

The most popular wines in the world

One thing that a lot of us would like to improve is our knowledge of wine. At some point in time, all of us have found us staring at the shelves of wine in a supermarket not knowing which wine to choose and then taking a chance on what we think looks good. Having some knowledge of the wines in the world will help you when you make your wine selection, so you will have more confidence when you buy […]

Thailand: The land of smiles is the place to go this year

Thailand has been a popular tourist destination for many years now, with it’s great weather, friendly people, fantastic food and affordable prices, it is no reason that has not lost it’s appeal. I have been to Thailand over ten times, I can honestly say that I never get bored of going because the country is my favourite country on the whole planet! There are so many things to do there, you can head north to go trekking and to experience […]

PaiCome Hideaway: An oasis in Pai

We had heard so much about Pai that we were super excited about our trip to the small town. We planned a three day trip to coincide with Flor’s Birthday, and we couldn’t wait to get going and exploring all that the area had to offer. While planning the trip to Pai, I envisioned staying in a peaceful retreat in the countryside as I wanted to take in as much of the scenic countryside as I possibly could. A quick […]


‘Off the Beaten Path’ Excursions in Cuba

On a narrow patch of land between two oceans lays Cuba – a country with a rich passion for the arts, a love for nature and a taste for the exotic. A country full of the large spirit of the nation’s history and its people. With eight UNESCO sites all over this country, there is something for everybody here. So, as a tourist, you have a wide variety of activities you can do and places you can visit. But, if […]

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