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7 Countries To Start Your Backpacking Adventure In South-East Asia

Whether this is your first time, or that you have been a pro at it for a while now, backpacking is always exhilarating. And if you are new at it, what better place to start planning your trip than the South-East Asia. An assortment of varied landscapes like rainforests, beaches, volcanoes and terrace farms, South-East Asian countries are best known for their warm and hospitable people.


This island city-state is one of major business centres of the world. But do not let that fact deter your touristy plans. Singapore is also home to some of the best tourist attractions, manmade as well as natural. Spacious zoo’s, giant Ferris wheel, twinkly concrete jungles (yes!), lazy beaches, adventures parks, and delicious street food are just a few reasons why Singapore should be on your backpacking bucket list.


Once home to the tallest building in the world, Malaysia is an assortment of Malay, Chinese, Indian and European cultures. Walk through the cities, climb daring mountains, make your way through the tea plantations, explore the jungles and chance upon coming face to face with some rare wildlife; travelling to Malaysia is nothing short of an adventure!


A myriad of ethnically diverse culture and people, Laos is cut through by the mighty Mekong River. As the French colonial architecture and the Buddhist monasteries blend together to form a complex jam, Laos is best seen as you navigate the country exploring the best of food, art & craft, architecture and cultures.


A country that is spread over more than 17000 islands, Indonesia is a mix of sultry climate and warm people. The landscapes here are dramatic, ranging from dormant volcanoes, to enchanting beaches, to emerald green rice plantations. From the vibrant and sprawling cities to bucolic villages, Indonesia is a mixed bag full of surprises.


Tropical islands, hidden lagoons, paddy fields, and mega cities is what makes Philippines one of the favourite South-East Asian backpacking destinations. One of the favourite activities in Philippines is island-hopping, followed by snorkelling, surfing, and scuba diving.



Thailand is all things golden, cultured, exotic and tropical. Landlocked on three sides and enveloping the Gulf of Thailand to its south, Thailand is home to some of amazing places in the world. While the cities will keep you hooked with its fast pace, the forests will serve as perfect escapades.


A melange of astonishingly beautiful natural landscapes and a rich heritage, Vietnam offers a unique experience at every turn. Backpack through Vietnam and explore its surreal scenery, history & culture, exploding culinary flavours, and thrilling attractions.