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Europe Via Jersey

So you’re already heading to Europe, and want to make it just that little bit more interesting? You’ve heard all about Jersey and the Channel Islands but you’ve never been – so why not factor a few days stopover into your travel plans?

This astoundingly beautiful island is the perfect way to start or finish a holiday in Europe and is perfectly situated for you to get to and from easily. Jersey airport offers various flight connections from which you can continue your trip into the rest of Europe or wherever else you have your sights set.


Tidal Beauty

The warmest place in the British Isles, Jersey is a small but naturally stunning island that offers a lot for somebody staying for only a few days. Most of the sightseeing attractions are situated around the coast and include beaches, headlands, lighthouses and forts.

From Sorel Point at the north, which provides you with an incredible view over the notorious Paternoster Reef, to the South East coast which is home to a reef as well as tidal lagoons and a diverse range of wildlife, you’ll find plenty to see and do.

It’s here that you can explore the place with a great selection of guided tours, some of which take you around the coast at night to experience bioluminescence and the moon-surface beach that becomes visible at low tide. This enables you to literally walk to some of the defence towers that have peppered the coast since the 18th Century.


A Fortified Island

Jersey, ostensibly a strategic defence point in the English Channel, is home to many fortifications, from Grosnez Castle thought to be built in the 1300s to the myriad defences put in place by Hitler during the Second World War.

You can take a trail along the defences by foot, bike or car to visit the various memorials and fortifications like Noirmont, a large bunker that provides great views over Portelet Bay. Here and the rest of the coast is especially good for wildlife – Jersey is teeming with it, like Les Écréhous and its marine life that includes bottlenose dolphins and basking sharks.

The island a great way to spend a bit of time before you head further into Europe, particularly if you have an interest in history or even if you just like fantastic views and walks and an opportunity to spend some time at the coast.