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Top Reasons to Plan a Family Vacation in Los Angeles

Planning a vacation with family can be daunting-It necessities decent planning and careful considerations. From the choice airline to travel destination, you want to ensure that your loved ones are comfortable to savor every memory. If still seeking the best holiday destinations, look no further. 

Los Angeles is a holiday spot worth considering. It’s a sprawling city in California and is renowned for film and entertainment. It draws actors and actresses from far and wide and is an incredible shopping spot with fun family attractions, museums, and savory dishes.


How much does it cost to fly to Los Angeles?

“The leading airline to the city is Cathay Pacific. You’ll pay different prices for your flight ticket, and several factors determine this. Your city of origin also determines the cost of the flights to LA

For instance, if flying from Hong Kong to Angeles city using Cathay Pacific Airways, you will pay about HKD 2,270 for the economy class. Consider aspects like the amenities offered, safety, flight duration, stopovers, to choose the most suitable airline for your trip.


What are the places to tour and things to do in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles boasts of a rich historical past. Most of the exciting stories of the 20th century occurred in the region, which we know today as the sprawling metropolitan area. It features various recreational spots and enchanting sceneries, and I bet they will fascinate your loved ones. Some of the top things to do in LA are;


  1. A trip to the Theme Park

If you’re the kind of person that loves the thrill, going to a conventional museum won’t cut it. But, Los Angeles understands your desires too well! There are various studios in the city. If these don’t inspire you as expected, what about visiting the Theme park? There are different companies offering theme park experiences. The most popular one is Disneyland in Anaheim, but universal studios also afford games and rides.


  1. Walk the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Even if you’re touring LA for a few days, the Hollywood Walk of Fame is a place you can’t leave without visiting. It features the past silent film stars and presents the modern action heroes. The Hollywood Walk of Fame is a tribute to the many artists. These are icons who have made notable contributions to film and theatre and radio.

Strolling along Hollywood Boulevard is not only inspiring but will make you feel like a celebrity. Imagine admiring actors, actresses, comedians, musicians, and many other celebrities. Doing this will leave a permanent mark on your memories. If touring young with kids, they will be more than amused to get entertained by the comedians and actors.

  1. Taste some Sushi-The real taste of Japan

After a long tiring day of activities, you’ll need to munch something to revive your energy levels. What about some Sushi? LA boasts of iconic eateries, and locating one for the freshest Sushi shouldn’t be an issue. Visit Little Tokyo for the best of the best. 

Oomasa is also ideal for families, they offer a wide variety of dishes, and getting the fussiest dinner for your loved ones shouldn’t bother you. Unlike other sushi bars, their specials care about your wallet, and you’ll get palatable dishes to match your budget.

  1. Visit the Petersen Automotive Museum

For car lovers, LA has something for you. You won’t want to miss the exotic collection of vehicles at this museum. These spread to over four floors of the building. Don’t forget your favorite comfortable pair of sandals or sneakers, if you wish to sample the over 300 cars and motorbikes available. 

What makes the museum stand out? It’s one of the sophisticated spots of its kind in California. It’s an architectural masterpiece when we talk of its exterior façade. Want to sample the unusual cars? Sign up or a guided Vault tour to get an insight into the rare vehicles in there-at a fee, of course.


  1. Go for a Star-Studded tour.

Los Angeles is a hub for a boatload of sight-seeing tours. With a wide variety of trips, picking the best one can be a real challenge. One of the famous voyages is the Dearly Departed Tour; it hits about 70 of the less known locations in the city. As if that’s it enough, here are other great picks. They include; Starline Charters, and the TMZ Tour entertainers just as the name suggests.


  1. View the night skies at the Griffith Observatory

The Griffith Observatory is yet another great spot to experience all the hidden beauty of Los Angeles. The Observatory has, in the recent past, undergone renovations worth $93 million. It offers free tours around the facility to educate visitors about astronomy and other related subjects.


 The lovely spot allows you to have an extraordinary view of the night skies above the city’s smog on Mount Hollywood. If visiting with kids, be sure to check out the dates from the Observatory’s website for the parties and public events.


  1. Visit the California Science Center

The California science center is the home to significant exhibits in California and the Space Shuttle Endeavour. It opens to the public for free, and you’ll find locals and visitors flocking the place to see the space shuttle and aircrafts from the space mission. You’ll also learn everything you want to know about it from the people behind the program.

There are many other exhibits at the Science center. They cover topics to do with the living world, technology, and ecosystems. One thing to catch your attention is the ecosystem exhibits that feature a 1,000-gallon tank, live plants, animals, and fish. Moreover, there are various special presentations at the California Science Center. The ever-changing selection of captivating things gives you a reason to vacation the place.


Final thoughts

Los Angeles is a great vacation spot for families. It attracts people of different ages from all over the world. It’s not surprising that the city has something to offer to everyone, whether young or old. With an endless list of places to visit in Los Angeles, you can always get something to fascinate you and your loved ones.