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Hitting The Waves In Morocco

Morocco is rapidly becoming one of the most popular countries for keen surfers to visit. Surfers from all over the world flock to Morocco every year to experience some of the best surfing conditions that are available. This spectacular country offers visitors uncrowned beaches and breaks, inexpensive living, tasty foods, welcoming locals and excellent surfing opportunities.

Situated in North Africa, Morocco boasts a stunning coastline measuring a staggering 3500km in length. Surfers are in for a real treat as there are plenty of secret spots dotted all throughout this amazing coastline.

The coastal city of Essaouira has become famous for providing water sports enthusiasts with perfect water conditions coupled with a genuine watersport culture and vibe. Its atmosphere is chilled and laid back which is a major attraction for those looking for a relaxed and stress-free break.

The following are a range of different activities that this beautiful city has on offer:


Surfing in Morocco provides amazing surf and amazing choices. It will leave surfers feeling satisfied and give them an experience that is sure to last them a lifetime. Visitors can hire necessary equipment and get some top class surfing lessons from Explora Morocco, who offer a great service and unbelievable value for money. There are both strong and steady waves to be found in the area of Essaouira which makes it the perfect destination for both experienced and beginner surfers.


Windsurfing is considered to be a slightly calmer experience in comparison with surfing. This being said, windsurfing is equally as enjoyable and is also hugely popular in Essaouira. A spectacular collage of sails can be seen dancing on the waves at any given time and is truly a remarkable sight.


Kitesurfing has become the latest addition to storm the world of watersports. Although it has been around for years, its only recently that it has become more common among watersports fanatics. For those that are not so adventurous, they can sit back on the beachfront and spectate as kite surfers complete adrenaline inducing jumps while cutting across the waves.

There are many other options available to visitors who may be in need of a little break from hitting the waves, here are just two of the most popular:

Horse riding

Essaouira is the perfect place to experience horse riding in its glory as it gives riders access to so many stimulating and pleasant roots. First-timers are catered for as there are numerous companies that offer lessons at affordable prices.

Quad biking

Quad biking is a great way to explore the area surrounding Essaouira. It is a thrilling and an exciting experience to say the least, and it is well worth your time spending a day zooming around from village to village on the challenging terrain.