Best things to do in Huddersfield

Best things to do in Huddersfield

The city of Huddersfield in West Yorkshire is a city adorned with Victorian-style architecture, which is evident wherever you look. The tremendous explosion of the industrial revolution of the 18th century, of course, also played a significant role in this style of architecture. Clearly smaller than the rest of the UK’s most famous cities, Huddersfield has many locations that would envy many towns. If we had to single out one landmark of the town, then it would be the Victoria Tower in Castle Hill that stretches in front of it all over the city.

Many are unaware that Huddersfield was one of the first and best train stations in England, which can be found in St George’s Square. You can also visit the lively shopping area of ​​Pack Horse Center, and if you are not fed up with Victorian architecture, you can also find buildings such as The George Hotel and the Huddersfield Parish Church.

The first rugby game took place in Huddersfield in 1848 at the Huddersfield Athletic Club. But now the city, apart from rugby, has attracted the interest of many small breweries and pubs, which are dripping in unused and abandoned buildings in the area. As a result, many Huddersfield breweries are gaining in popularity, as the beer and cider produced by these breweries are of exceptional quality. With this increase in the production (but also the consumption) of beer in the city, the annual Oktoberfest is organized every year in the city centre. Let’s take a closer look at the things you can do in Huddersfield.


Castle Hill

We couldn’t help but start with the real Huddersfield landmark, Castle Hill. A hill with a huge history where it is rumoured that it was inhabited 4000 years ago. A fairly strategic area that was used for defence against invaders, with the area’s inhabitants building forts, defensive trenches and castles to protect themselves. No castle can be found in the area anymore, but only the tower built-in 1897 in honour of Queen Victoria.

For hundreds of years, this place was used for many purposes. People of that time created various legendary stories and conjectures about this place with such a rich history. Today guests can climb or climb to the top of Castle Hill for a small fee. Pedestrians can reach the top by various secret paths while those with their cars can park their vehicle in specially designed parking lots. 

The route by car is recommended for those who do not want to climb and want to be comfortable and relaxed, reaching the top. Those who don’t own one could hire a vehicle from the area. Renting a car would solve the problem of moving in and out of the city of Huddersfield, allowing you to visit the destination you have in mind. Now with Enjoy Travel, renting a car in Huddersfield is super easy and affordable. So you can have all the freedom you need exploring Huddersfield’s best places.


Brewery Tour

As mentioned above, the Huddersfield area has developed into a small brewery centre that produces excellent quality beer and is represented by various brands such as: Golcar, Mallinsons, Magic Rock, Empire, Briggs, Hand Drawn Monkey, Linfit, Milltown, Nook, Rat, and Riverhead. The city’s breweries are now one of its most essential elements, which contributes to a large percentage to its overall tourism. You can visit all these breweries and discover from the inside all the secrets of a quality beer. Specifically, group tours are organized in these factories, including the whole tour experience, such as tasting the ales and eating dinner at the end of it.


Greenhead Park

Driving with your car almost 1 km from the centre of Huddersfield, you will reach Greenhead Park, and you will immediately come in contact with the peace and quiet that nature will offer you. With an area of ​​30 acres, it is the largest park in the Huddersfield area. Every year is one of the leading destinations for tourists and not unjustly so. The park offers many activities for visitors, such as skate park, bowling, tennis, kids playgrounds, horseback riding, to name just a few. The park’s rich facilities are ideal for all parents and their children, who want to spend quality time near the beauty’s nature and get some fresh air in their lungs.