The most popular wines in the world

One thing that a lot of us would like to improve is our knowledge of wine. At some point in time, all of us have found us staring at the shelves of wine in a supermarket not knowing which wine to choose and then taking a chance on what we think looks good. Having some knowledge of the wines in the world will help you when you make your wine selection, so you will have more confidence when you buy your next bottle. There are some great places for you to buy your wine, you should look at some great bottle shops that will help when making your purchase. Here is my list of the most popular wines in the world, you really can’t go wrong if you choose one of these wines to drink. wine_pouring_nd10_1

Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon is probably the most popular wine around at the moment. This red wine is popular all around the world and is the perfect pairing for many meat dishes. The wine originally comes from Bordeaux, France, and it was first made all the way back in the seventeenth century. It is so popular that it is now produced all around the world. You will find it being produced in many of the leading wine producing countries in the world; Chile, USA, Italy, Australia and Canada. If you want to get the best experience from this wine the eat it with steak, lamb, cheeses and also nearly every desert that is made from chocolate.


Chardonnay is so popular that it takes the crown for being one of the best selling white wines in America, the reason for this is because there is such a variety of this wine produced. The reason that there are so many variates is because it is so easy to produce, the grapes that are used are able to adapt to a number of different climates. It was first created in France, in the region of Burgundy. it is always good to pair Chardonnay with pork, chicken and seafood.


Just like the Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz is one of the world’s leading red wines, it is as popular as ever right now on the wine market. We all call it Shiraz but in the country where it is made, France, they call is Syrah. France created the wine but Australia have taken over when it comes to size of production. In South Eastern Australia you will find that Shiraz is being produced on a large scale, the Aussies really love Shiraz. It is best to pair it with red meat and cheeses, put this with a steak and you won’t be disappointed!