My Favourite Indian Destinations

So, I just got back from my 3 month tour of India and I can safely say that it was everything that I expected it to be, perfect. The experience was incredible and I can totally understand why this is a backpackers paradise. I usually like to go off the beaten path when I go traveling and despite India being the opposite of that, I am so glad that I took the decision to spend such a long time there. My experience of Indian culture was great, I already knew how much I loved the food, but I didn’t realise just how amazing, warm and humble the Indian people really are, they couldn’t do enough to help me.

Since I got back, a lot of people have been asking me what my favourite places were so here are my top destinations  which I think everyone that goes to India should visit.


A town which I didn’t read too much about before going but one which blew me away with its beautiful nature and the amount of things to do. If your looking for Ooty tourist places to enjoy on a trip here then you should most definitely experience the mountain train, it is the steepest in Asia and offers some outstanding views. If you are looking for the best Hotels in Ooty then there are plenty for you to choose from which are all within the perfect distance to enjoy the very best of this town.


Mumbai is the cultural and business centre of India and if you are looking for a ‘happening’ city to discover then this is the place for you. Mumbai displays all of the influences which the World has had on it and you can find a wide range of festivals, international restaurants, historic spots and a wide range of museums to explore during your time in the place that they call the New York of India.


I really love that India has so many sides to it, from the agricultural towns and villages to the busy cities and the ancient temples. India also offers some incredible party spots and the pick of the bunch is undoubtedly Goa. This coastal resort is alive with the sound of music and beach parties and it truly is a fun-lovers paradise.


Kashmir is without question the most beautiful place that I have ever visited in my life and that is speaking as someone who is not exactly a nature lover. The colours of the various plants, flowers and lakes are enough alone to excite the senses and that is before you consider the impending backdrop of the incredible Himalaya mountain range. There is a lot to do in Kashmir when it comes to the great outdoors and you will find trekking and cycling tours throughout the region, as well as some of the finest food which I experienced in India.