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Six Reasons Why You Need A Vacation

Not planning on going on holiday this year? Here are six reasons why you should get yourself on a plane in the very near future. You can have a much needed break from the trials and tribulations of daily life. For a week or two you don’t have to worry about deadlines, or answering emails from clients. You don’t have to worry about that difficult work project. You can switch the world off, lie back and relax. Take things at […]

Hiring Out Your Holiday Home

Many people in the UK are moving into the property market, and this often involves buying a holiday home abroad and renting it out to various customers. Often, the owner will live in the holiday home during some parts of the year, and will rent it out during others. A holiday home doesn’t have to be abroad however; you could hire out a beautiful country cottage in some of the UK’s finest places, such as Somerset, Norfok, Yorkshire and Derbyshire. […]

Running A Car Hire Service Abroad

One of the key elements of most foreign holidays is hiring a car. While many people will settle for public transport, more and more people are preferring to drive, meaning they can go where they want, when they want. With the hire car market currently thriving, what better time to think about setting up your own car hire business? The demand for hire cars is booming and a very lucrative market, and if you have a background in transport, this […]

New York and London-Famous Taxis From Around The World

Taxis are everywhere. On a busy day, you’re not going to have to walk far before you see one. They’re extremely useful for getting from place to place when you don’t have a car. Perhaps the most iconic taxis are found in the cities of London and New York. Let’s find out more. If you go to London, you are very likely to take a ride in a black cab. These are officially known as “Hackney Carriages.” The history of […]

The Best Places To Take A Road Trip

The road trip is something everyone should try at some stage in their life. Taking in beautiful roads and setting eyes on some of the world’s most spectacular scenery. Here are four places where you should definitely take a road trip. The Pacific Coast Highway goes through the centre of the beautiful Californian coast and offers an enthralling driving experience. The road offers twists and turns as it weaves its way through the Big Sur. Probably one of the most […]

Building Your Dream Home Abroad

Near enough everybody has their dream house. They picture themselves living in it with their family and maybe a couple of pets. They’ve maybe even built it in The Sims as they play out their dream lives on that brilliant video game. Some people are able to hire people to build their ideal house from scratch, the way they want it. If you’re a builder however, you’re able to take a much more hands on approach to the process. Now […]

Breathtaking Mountain Biking Holidays in Europe  

Are you someone who loves the idea of seeing a new destination from a mountain bike, with the wind whipping your hair and legs pumping the pedals as you fly across the trail? Mountain biking is a great way to experience a new place and it’s becoming a very popular activity on many holidays. In Europe, there are so many amazing places where you can include mountain biking in your experience. Read on to learn more about these great places […]

Maintenance Tips before Going on a Road Trip

The best thing about summer undoubtedly is the fact that it gets warmer which means we want to travel around the country more and escape for long weekends to the countryside. However, there is nothing worse than packing up your car for your trip away and then breaking down on the motorway. Not only does this eat into your precious time away but it can also be expensive. This is why Service4Service have put together a check list of all […]

The Ultimate Casino Gaming Experience on Ipad with Paddy Power

Casinos are the most fabulous places to be, for a weekend, or a friend?s hangout, a one stop for the holiday tour or just a time passing place for the evening before you head home. Today going to a casino as easy as it used to be given that peoples lifestyle are growing more and more work focused, with people working two to three jobs just to make ends meet. This limits any chances of taking a break and or […]

Camping near Perranporth, Cornwall

I am sure that a lot of you have been fortunate enough to visit Cornwall at some point in your lives; it’s probably one of the most popular destinations in the UK for a weekend break. I love heading down there to escape the hoards of people in London, my number one spot down there is Perranporth. It’s got a great beach, lovely weather and the air is clean! I now love the place even more because I have found […]

How to Backpack Around Australia

Backpacking is traveling for those on a budget, and with an adventurous spirit. You don’t see a lot of backpackers out there who are gearing up to stay in fancy hotels or blow tons of money on dinners out. Backpacking is an art form, a carefully crafted form of travel that’s designed to both save money and have the most exciting, fulfilling local experience possible! So if you’re into backpacking, you’re going to love a trip to Australia. This country […]

5 Big sporting dates in Ireland in 2014:

The Giro D’Italia brought the eyes of the sporting world on Ireland in May, with the competition beginning in Belfast before taking in Armagh and Dublin as the 3 day mini tour kicked off the 2014 Giro. The race for the pink jersey was eventually won by Colombia’s Nairo Quintana, but for 3 days in May, Ireland went cycling made. This huge sporting event managed to turn Ireland from green to pink, no easy task, and it also managed to […]

The Best Ways to Travel Around Australia  

If you’re planning to travel to Australia, be aware that there are so many amazing places to see here that you’ll want to hit them all. It will probably be impossible to touch on every spot you’d like to visit, considering that Australia is such a massive country and continent! But the cities like Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane along with the gorgeous beach towns, rugged coasts and adventurous outback will have you wanting to explore it all. You can see […]

Points a Scholar Must Know about Plagiarism

    When you first embark on an academic course, the pursuit remains guided with aspirations and ambitions. However, as you go deeper into the course, challenges fraught your way and you start looking for ways to dissolve the challenges and have it the easy way. Plagiarism is just one such backup plan ideas that make a brain-crushing job lesser than a cakewalk. The other side of the coin is however, not as pleasing as you’d like it to be. […]

Barcelona: a sporting city

Barcelona is one of Spain’s most exciting cities for sports fans, home to numerous world-class sporting venues, as well as offering plenty of opportunities for visitors to get active during their holiday. We’re going to have a look at how you can get under the skin of Barcelona’s sporting heritage, in addition to giving you some tips on how to get involved – if you’ve got the energy. Camp Nou Camp Nou is one of the world’s most famous football […]

KLM: The Orange Experience

King’s Day is an important holiday in Amsterdam, but it’s not always so well-known to the rest of the world. Imagine a street party and market rolled into one, and add a whole lot of orange, and you’ll begin to understand what King’s Day is all about. To spread the festive fun to America, KLM and Heineken partnered up to offer this incredible experience to 10 lucky winners in New York City. The fun began right where you might expect: […]

Take your pick of the venues from Brazil’s summer of football

If you love travel and you love football – you have to make your way to Brazil this summer for a World Cup that promises to be the best ever. That’s because it’s in Brazil for the first time since 1950 – the country that can lay claim to loving the beautiful game more than any other on the planet – and excelling at it too. Even if you don’t have tickets for any of the games – just following […]

  Top 3 Best Night Clubs in Barcelona 2014

If New York is “the city that never sleeps,” then Barcelona could just as accurately be labeled “the city that takes a siesta and then parties all night.” The party really starts as late as 2 am in Barcelona and continues until sunrise at about 6 am. Even if you are not a clubber at heart, this Spanish city offers something special for everyone to experience from exotic salsa spots to swinging jazz joints and outrageous Ibiza-style beach clubs. All […]

2014 Is the Year of the Thistle

This year the eyes of the world are on Scotland. It has always been a popular place to visit, and with good reason. It has some of the best areas of unspoilt natural landscape in the United Kingdom, along with fascinating cities, friendly residents and excellent whiskey. This year, though, Scotland has even more to offer. Commonwealth Games This year the city of Glasgow is hosting one of the most exciting sporting events in the world — the Commonwealth Games. […]

Historical Curiosities in Grantham

Stuck for something to do on holiday or just fancy a day trip out? You can find plenty of history based curiosities in Grantham and the surrounding area. Here are our top picks for history buffs. Vist The Angel and Royal Nestled in the High Street you will find what is reputed to be the oldest surviving English Inn. An Inn was first built here around 800 years ago, and the present facade is approximately 600 years old. King John […]

Road trip safety on your adventure

Even though the motor industry has continued to develop safer cars and death and injury figures are falling, the US still has a staggering number of automobile accidents each year. Despite taking every safety precaution before hitting the gas you never know what unexpected instances may occur once out on the open the road. Drunk driving, speeding, distractions and inclement weather all affect a vehicle’s performance. Therefore, it is imperative that we are aware of our own personal safety during […]

Why You Should Visit Rio de Janeiro, Brazil!

One of the most exciting destinations in the world is, undoubtedly, the amazing Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro. While it has long been renowned by knowledgeable travelers as one of the best places to visit on the planet, it has not been until more recently that it has started to become more prominent in the mainstream awareness. Rio de Janeiro is packed full of amazing attractions and things to do and will leave a lasting impression on any tourist […]

Visiting the Galapagos Islands

Galapagos tours are unlike travelling anywhere else simply because of the rich abundance of different types of life found in this area. One trip with an experienced local guide and you’ll see why the theory of evolution was formed here. For information relating to Galapagos tours, make sure you have a look here:  

Sick and tired of hostel dorms? Try caravan travel

How many hostel dorms have you checked into in your lifetime? If you’re a regular traveller then the answer is probably a fair few! Staying in a hostel can be a bit of a gamble; it is always a mystery who you will be sharing your dorm with. Although you can opt for smaller dorm rooms to avoid sharing with strangers, these rooms get booked up pretty quickly so if you are booking last minute it is likely that you […]

The Best Ways To See London On A Short Trip

London is a vast city. Full of history, culture and architecture which it is difficult to get a complete grip on in a short space of time. For those on a flying visit to the city it is easy to miss much of what London has to offer. There are some quick ways to get a feel for London which will have you wanting to come back for more though. Get On Your Feet: Walking tours are by far the […]

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