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Why I Love To Holiday In Florida

florida keys

I love to go on holidays in Florida and there are just so many reasons to visit what is perhaps the best state in all of the United States. There is truly so much to do in such a varied state, which I really enjoy about it. I thought it would be a good idea to tell you some of the reasons I absolutely love to holiday in Florida, so read on to find out more.

Theme parks

Florida has the best theme parks in the entire world, particularly in Orlando. Orlando is in many ways based around the extensive Disneyworld. It has some of the highest quality rides that you can experience in the world and is the perfect place for any kind of traveler. My tip would be to get your tickets online to save time, because these parks are popular. There is also Universal Studios in Orlando too, so you can almost never run out of options.

The weather

Florida has some really great weather that keeps me coming back year after year. It is always warm and sunny in Florida and even during the weather the temperatures are mild to warm. This is absolutely perfect to get away at any time of the year, which I absolutely love.


Florida is unmatchable for the huge number of stunning beaches that it has, especially with crystal clear waters and endless white sand beaches. My favourite is of course South Beach in Miami, but there are so many more than this. Key West, Clearwater and Melbourne Beach are some really great beaches that I also enjoy. Trust me though, there are so many more that you could endlessly visit. You simply need to see for yourself.


The exploration of space is a huge part of human curiosity and science and Florida has also played a huge part in this. I love that I can combine great weather and relaxation while learning about space and visiting some significant places in the history of space, such as the Kennedy Space Centre.

The cities

Another aspect that I mentioned before that I love about Florida is the variety of it. You could be in two different parts of Florida and think that you would be in a different country! A very good example of this is the stark Southern homeliness of Tallahassee and the multicultural urban paradise that is Miami. I love the variety and that “another country” is only a short drive away.