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Taking A Car Service In San Francisco: My Experience

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I recently had the pleasure of taking a car service in San Francisco and this is not something I do normally, but I was very very impressed. I will certainly be doing this much more in the future and here are some of the reasons why.


I got off the plane at San Francisco International airport and was greeted by my driver, he had a sign with my name on it and he was very easy to find. I asked if he had been waiting there long and he told me that he is always there at least 15 minutes before the scheduled landing of the flight of a client. This was ideal and on the other side of it I experienced the same thing when my driver took me to the airport when I had to leave. He was there 15 minutes before the time I needed to leave and even gave me a courtesy call to let me know he was already there. This was great service, that I look forward to in the future.


I was very happy to be greeted by a clean and comfortable car, that was nice and cool from the air conditioning and this was perfect for a little bit of the warm California sun. I was really quite impressed by my car, it was nothing too fancy that it would draw attention, but it was exactly what you would expect: comfortable. I was able to check my emails and relax on the trip to my accommodation and then when I got there I didn’t need to sit around the hotel like I normally would. I just needed to drop my stuff off and get going, this is something that I absolutely loved about having a private car.


One thing I noticed was that my driver was driving quickly and efficiently, something that you don’t get with an over enthusiastic taxi driver. It is in their best interests to take you somewhere as fast as they can get you there. This for me, meant that I was able to get the most out of my trip to San Francisco. The price was also agreed too and there were no headaches at the end when sorting out payment, I had already paid and I was happy to give the driver a nice tip.