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Why I Love Holidays In Cornwall

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Cornwall is one of those unbeatable holidays destinations that shines for me, even though it might not exactly be at the top of your list for places to visit. I think it is a truly world class destination that should get a bit more love and for the people that visit, I always find that they go back year after year. Here are some reasons I absolutely love Cornwall and all that it has to offer.


Cornwall is a huge attraction for those that love to go hiking and I can tell you that after years of going there, there is no shortage of places to hike. I like the variety here too, you can always hike along the paths that dot the coast or get more into the greenery on other trails. Looe and Polperro is beautiful, I absolutely adore these two towns, and hiking between them is a definite highlight.   


You probably don’t picture the UK as a place where you can surf, but Cornwall is actually a place where you can catch some quality waves. There are a huge number of quality beaches, from beautiful cove beaches with crystal clear water to full blown surf beaches. This is a great variety that you would want any holiday destination to have. My personal recommendations are Perranporth for some great surf and Kynance Cove for a more private and secluded relation spot.

Ale and pasties

Cornwall is another place with a very special regional cuisine, especially with the hugely popular Cornish ale or the delicious pasties. These two things are world renowned, but there is also quite a good food culture with many seafood inspired dishes. I really enjoy visiting the breweries and restaurants there for some great food.

The attractions

There is no shortage of these either when it comes to Cornwall, there is just so much to do aside from eating, drinking, hiking and going to the beach. A few of my favourite things to do of course are visiting places like Saint Michaels Mount. This old monastery lies on an island that is separated by a granite causeway that you can actually walk on during low tide. Exploring the small island is definitely a highlight. I also enjoy visiting the stunning beauty of the Eden Project, which is two huge “biomes” that are filled with the most amazing plant life from around the world. I continue to find new things every time I go back to Cornwall and I would highly recommend doing the same.