The Perks of Starting a Travel Blog

Travelling the world has long been my passion. Everyone loves to go away on holiday but for me it has really become a way of life – I have well and truly become addicted! One of the best things about travelling is the fact that I get to share my stories and experiences through my travel blog.

My only regret is that I didn’t start this blog sooner because it has brought me so many perks. If someone had told me my travel blog would earn me money, get me free stuff and allow me to meet so many people from around the world, I probably would have been sceptical at first. That scepticism would have been very incorrect, because I am now benefitting from all of those things.


Learning how to start a travel blog is really quite easy, if I can do it so can anyone! If you need a little push to learn how to start a travel blog then here are three reasons that’ll get you going straight away.

Free tours

Everyone loves free things, I know I certainly do! Getting free tours is such a good perk when you learn how to start a travel blog because tours can be super expensive in the more remote locations around the globe. The other benefit is that the tour company will take such good care of you because you will be writing about your experiences.

Free hotels

I have now stayed in countless five star hotels around the globe. These are hotels that I usually wouldn’t stay in because they cost 100’s of dollars per night! But of course if you’re offered the accommodation for free there’s no reason for you not to do it. After a long bus journey and lumping your backpack around all day there’s nothing quite like taking a nice long soak in a big bath tub before ordering some room service and lounging in a 5 star suite.

Make some money

Learning how to start a travel blog should eventually lead on to you making some money. Once you have really developed your brand and built up your following people will actually pay you to put their articles on your site. If you’ve built up a good blog you can really end up earning thousands of dollars each month which funds more travel and enables you to invest in other money making ideas.