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Where Is The Best Place For a Stag Party in Europe?

We all know that when your given the honour of being best man for your friend one of the biggest parts of your job is planning the stag do. There’s a lot of pressure on your shoulders because you’ve got a big group of guys hoping to have one last big party with their friend before he talks the long walk down the aisle.


Finding the right location and planning all the activities are key, but the most important thing is making sure that the whole trip doesn’t cost a fortune. This is because not all of the group have the same budget to spend, if you go to high-end then you will only end up with people either spending money they don’t have or making excuses about why they can’t go.

You could of course all hop in a minibus and head off to a party city in the UK, go paint balling or go carting and feel cold in the great British weather. Or you could do what everyone in the group wants to do and go live it up in a European city where the beer is new and the locals are friendly.

Plan early so you get the best deal on flights and accommodation, leaving more money in everyone’s pockets for beers and Jagerbombs! Here are 3 of the best places that Europe has to offer for Stag parties that want to send their mate off in style:


Dust off the Hawaiin shirt at the bottom of your draw and get ready to take on Riga, a beautiful Eastern European city. Flights here can be found for as little as 50 GBP and the beer is cheap, what more do you need? Did I mention that you can’t walk down a street here with out bumping in to another bar that you have to visit?!


Amsterdam is also a popular destination for stag parties, it really should be top of the list for most people because it has all the things you need for a classic stag party. It checks every box on the list for a will weekend away with the boys. It’s also a beautiful city, so when you’re recovering in the morning you can take a walk along the canal whilst reliving the madness of the night before.


It has to make the list doesn’t it? If you want to relive your youth with the guys then Ibiza is a must. Get back to your roots and dress down, not up, for the party to end all parties! It feels like being back home on a Saturday night out but much, much wilder! So go and have it large in Europe’s number one destination for madness.