In My Opinion

Olu Deniz – Turkey’s Forgotten Gem

Having recently returned from an 8 week trip to Turkey I thought that my first article should be about one of the lesser know tourist destinations that I visited. Turkey is a great place to visit if you really do enjoy lapping up the local culture and traditions – Olu Deniz doesn’t really fit into the typical Turkish town category. Olu Deniz was built for tourism and is set up to cater to the needs of every type of holiday maker. I have to admit that it should’t be seen as place to get an introduction to Turkey, but it’s certainly a place that you cannot afford to miss!

Olu Deniz is located on the south western coast and is an extremely popular destination for holiday makers for Britain. The reason for so many Brits heading over is due to cheap holidays from Gatwick to Olu-Deniz that can be found in abundance.

So what makes this place so special even though it’s not ‘typically Turkish?’ Here are 3 reasons why it’s one of my favourite places in a country packed with magical things to see.

The Blue Lagoon

There is a stretch of beach in Olu Deniz known as the Blue Lagoon, whenever someone writes about this town they have to mention this place because it is the most famous part. The water is beautiful and the beach is a great place to lay back and catch some sun.


Butterfly Valley

This is probably the one part of Olu Deniz that you shouldn’t miss, make sure you have it on your list. A word to the wise – don’t hop on to one of the many daily tour boats, you just need to catch a local water taxi. Butterfly valley seems like another world compared to the town because it is so rustic and natural.

It’s not traditional

Ok, so my mother would probably shout at me for writing that but sometimes it’s nice to do the ‘tourist thing’ and just kick back, you can’t always ‘go native’ on holiday. The town is made for tourism so you have everything you need there, it also means that you feel very comfortable wandering off by yourself to explore. This town has a character and charm, plus beauty, that will make you fall in love with it.