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Things to See in Symi Town

You may find yourself sitting in your local bar or restaurant one day with your friends talking about where everyone spent their holidays. Well Symi town might not be the location that is rolling off of everyones tongues, so wouldn’t it be great to introduce your mates to this little Aegean diamond.


To reach Symi you have to fly to Rhodes and then take the ferry or hydrofoil to the island. This can all be arranged on the internet where it’s possible to be greeted at the airport and be safely escorted  to your destination. You can choose your preferred accommodation from guesthouse, hotel or self catering where they will even have the fridge stocked up for you. The house rentals can be in the fine 18th century mansions that proliferate the island.

Yialos is home to the stunning harbour that is draped either side by ascending pastel coloured houses and mansions that are testament to the former importance and prosperity of the island. The interior of Symi is forested and can be reached by car, bike or hiking and affords spectacular views, perfect for the avid photographer. The harbour is where Germany surrendered the Dodecanese in 1945 and became part of Greece in 1947.


The island has several beaches around it’s 68sq km landscape easily reached by foot or the hourly bus service. The main town area is called Chorio which means village and is dotted with restaurants and cafes that offer fine Greek cuisine and wine (the island was a great wine producer in the past). From the harbour, after you have taken in the Nautical museum via the town square, you can reach Chorio by climbing 350 steps stopping on the way to admire the 18th century architecture of the colourful houses and giving you some respite from the ascent.

Chatziagapitos is a restored 18th century mansion open to the public that brings the history of the island to life as well as the ancient churches that abound the island. There is a partly excavated site showing a neolithic stone circle. Symi hosts a festival that is held in the main square and St. Johns church check out the web for dates you will not forget your time on Symi. So go on out there,enjoy the vibrant nightlife and smash a few plates. For more information on Symi Town click here.