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Hong Kong – A Fab Place to Visit

We were due to go and see family in Vietnam and my wife Agatha suggested that we should make time and visit Hong Kong. I was particularly enthusiastic, my grandfather had served as a policeman there and I had marveled at his colourful tales of his time on the island when I was a young child. It was an easy decision to make and the excitement grew as we approached the departure date


We arrived at the very modern airport and the transfer to the heart of Hong Kong took no time and we settled into our extremely comfortable hotel and rested for the remainder of the morning. Refreshed, we had a light but delicious lunch before heading out onto the bustling streets. The intention was to head to the Victoria harbour but with so much going on,we were sucked into the the heady atmosphere. The harbour went onto the back burner for now.

Making markers for the evening to come and asking many questions of both local traders and tourist alike, we were very aware of just how friendly everyone was. Arriving back at the hotel the first thing I did was to get a map of the city before returning to our room for a shower and rest. That evening we ventured out as if we had lived in the place for years. Like any big city one has to be sensibly careful when out roaming at night but Hong Kong felt very safe to us.

Food is almost a religion in this vibrant place and we made the most of it. The sheer choice available is astonishing, the biggest problem  is making your mind up. Some people are prepared to queue for long periods to get their favorite dishes. Our particular favourites were Dim Sum, usually for lunch, beef curry, brisket of beef with noodles, the list goes on but you soon settle on your own special venues. We particularly enjoyed the boat trips across the bay to the seafood restaurants, the biggest one I’ve ever seen is at Aberdeen. At the other end of the scale you might choose one of the many 5 starred Michelin awarded restaurants.

Our days were full with much to fit in to our relatively short stay. We took a bike ride up into the hills, a country hike, went on the railway and soaked up the view of Hong Kong’s spectacular skyline and harbor by both day and night. We also visited a temple, went to Kowloon for lunch, most enjoyable. When we return we want to go to Macau and, with the grandchildren, visit Disney World and the aquatic center. Now it’s off to Vietnam to see our son and his family and experience a different culture. We say farewell with a hint of sadness, knowing that we will be returning to Hong Kong and it’s 12,000 restaurants. We have only scrapped the surface of Asia’s World City.


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