The Heritage and Novelty of Manchester

Victorian to contemporary architecture, football teams, the British music from the 1980s, and education, Manchester is home to all of it. The cultural potpourri in Manchester tour is displayed in its demography making it one of the most sought after places by the tourists.

City Buzz: Things to Remember

  • Tram and train are the most viable options to get around the city.
  • Carry a jacket, especially during the evening, as the weather is unpredictable.
  • Visiting by foot makes you feel the aura of the city.
  • Cafes inside the museums serve good food worth a try, especially as the profit will be later donated for a good cause.
  • Carrying flat shoes are recommended as the streets at Heaton Park are a little cobbled.
  • A tip of 10% is expected on food, however in pubs, it is not required.

Little Cautions

  • Bus tickets can be bought from the bus-drivers, however, train and tram tickets are to be bought at the counter in the platform. Failing that will attract hefty penalty.
  • If you plan a picnic in a park, remember to clear the debris.

Must Visits

  • Museum of Science and Industry: A must-visit for all is this museum. It is located on the site of world’s oldest railroad station. It is a home for the oldest of the technologies that were ever available to the mankind. The entry is free and the visit will easily take up 3-4 hours.

Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester, U.K by Alan Stanton

  • Castlefield: Amidst the restored Victorian houses, along the old canals, the exploration starts. This place is designated as the “Urban Heritage Park”. In the area is also present the Bridgewater Canal, which once served as a channel for transport of coal from Worsley to Manchester, now is transformed to an urban paradise.
  • Chetham Hospital and Library: This place is one of the oldest public libraries in England. Most of the books in this library date back to more than five millennia. Once the home for priests, the architecture is magnificent and demands a look. The library also has a café which is an ideal place for a little tea or coffee. Light meals are also available.
  • People’s History Museum: Placed at the heart of the city, this place provides a glimpse into the lives of the working class people of Britain.


People’s History Museum, Manchester, U.K by Neil Turner

  • Heaton Park: Heaton Park was built in 1772. It is the largest municipal park in Europe. It has something for everybody. 18-hole golf course for sports lovers to the boating lake, ornamental gardens for families to adventure playgrounds, this place is a must visit for all. The park also has a café and deli. The deli serves honey produced by the park bees.

Heaton Park, Manchester by Inspirock

  • Chinatown: Just a few minutes for Manchester Art Gallery is the colourful district of Chinatown. Vibrant and colourful portico leading to the district is spectacular. This place is a must for the foodies as they boast shops and restaurants offering an array of culinary delicacies from Hong Kong and Beijing. ‘The food is always delicious’, says a traveller and its light on the pocket as well.

Chinatown, Manchester, U.K by Vadim Timoshkin

Manchester tourism also has a plenty of other attractions worth a visit in and around the city. Marton, Bury, Rochdale are all good to visit for its artistic and structural splendour.