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The Do’s and Don’ts Of Men’s Fashion


The modern man sees the need for fashion and to take care of the way that he looks and therefore he needs to know the best ways to do this. This is not always obvious and everyone does have their own unique style, there are however some many things that a man should and shouldn’t do when it comes to the way he dresses. Today we will talk about some of these things, so read on to find out more.

Have a suit

Having a good suit is one of the best wardrobe decisions that a man can make, especially one that fits well. Don’t, however, wear it everywhere. You should only wear a suit when the situation calls for it. A wedding is the perfect example of this and it is always nice to have a few nice ties to go with the suit, to give it even more of a sharp edge.

Wear a denim jacket

The denim jacket has a huge history with men, especially for the working classes in earlier times, but is now seen more as a casual alternative. Denim jackets are extremely versatile and can be casual or semi formal. The only rule is that if you need to go with the double denim option, your jacket and jeans should not match! We all know how bad this looks.

Wear something that fits

What I find interesting about clothing these days is that it is called skinny, regular or slim. To me there are no clothing types, but rather clothes that fit. If you wear something skinny, generally speaking it is too tight and too small. If you wear something regular it is too loose and slim is generally just right. We should all think about what suits our body best and buy clothes based on this fact. Of course a different cut of clothing is always nice, but the best clothes are those that fit well. So find the right fit and stick with it.


Men don’t wear accessories very well and they think they don’t need to do it. Accessories can make or break your outfit, but never go over the top. Something simple like a single ring or a wristwatch can really bring your outfit together. Avoid wearing too many accessories as this kills your outfit and draws attention only to the accessories.

The rule of shirts

Wearing dress shirts untucked is a huge no, because it is a dress shirt and was designed to be tucked in. You can, of course, wear an oxford shirt untucked and this is perfectly acceptable.