Adidas are leading the way in Smart Clothing

The future of clothing is beginning to change and none more so than the future of sportswear. What might be deemed smart clothing, companies are investing heavily in innovative technologies to help people feel more comfortable when they work out at the gym, go jogging or any of a number of activities people take part in in todays health conscious world.


            Depending on which particular field of sport you participate in will largely determine what products you require and big company’s like Adidas invest heavily in new technologies and its not just clothing either but even sports equipment, so having the latest will seriously improve your performance. Now they are not only famous for the timeless Addidas footwear but also their technical advances too.

One product currently available from Adidas, a miCoach training shirt, even has sensors woven into the material which connected up to your smartphone allows you to monitor your heart rate. It is also made from advanced fabric technology which keeps you cool and reduces sweat so that you remain comfortable during your sessions.

The possibilities for smart fabrics are endless and some companies are taking their designs to extreme lengths with the development of fabrics that change colour to match body temperatures, reduce wind resistance and enhance muscle performance. Another highly important piece of kit for those who workout regularly is going to be your footwear and at Adidas they are using new technology to improve performance. They have shoes that even improve the amount of energy transferred when an athlete runs in combination with comfort. A product the company refers to as Boost technology, it has also been incorporated into its other footwear products such as Futurecraft which has been designed to provide the ultimate fit to athletes.

There are of course numerous companies recognizing that todays athletes are requiring more and more from the products that they use but it does seem to be the case that Adidas have invested heavily in new technology and have even invested heavily in their infrastructure. Their new plant that has opened in Atlanta, United States is the sibling to another plant in Germany dedicated to improving control and systems whilst utilizing their most up to date technologies and will help Adidas create a brand that is synonymous with leading the sportswear industry forward towards the future of smart clothing.

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