The Best Places to Travel on a Budget

When it comes to holidays we’re all looking for the best possible deal or a destination that isn’t going to cost us an absolute fortune! I’m a pretty thrifty traveller, so when it comes to scouting out the best places to travel I’d like to think I now a thing or two.


Some people are of the opinion that the closer they travel to home the cheaper it is, well that might be the case when it come to the flights, bus or train tickets. What everyone needs to consider is how much they are actually going to spend each day – there’s the accommodation, food, drinks, activities and also transport. If you start to add everything up you will see that the further you travel sometimes the further your money will go, it also has the added bonus of you seeing a completely different part of the world to the one you live. If you really want to see some awesome deals then check out what the amazing people over at have to offer, trust me you need to see what they have!

After my extensive travels I found that there are 3 places, that all in their own unique way, will save you money once you arrive! I think one might surprise you! Please do share your best places to travel on a budget in the comment box below, I’m hoping to learn a thing or two from you lovely people.


In my opinion the hidden gem of South East Asia and one that is often ignored for the more popular countries like Thailand or Cambodia. The country is great mostly for it’s slow paced life and fantastic deals that can be found everywhere. Breakfast, lunch and dinner can be as little as a dollar each, whilst a bed for the night will only set you back 4 dollars – need I say more?

London, England

I made this specific to London because what London does better than most other major cities in the world is make an abundance of things free for us tourists! You can get free entrance to world famous museums, art galleries, parks and much more – there’s nothing quite like seeing some of the best attractions in the world without spending a single penny!


I absolutely love this country! One of the main reasons this country makes the list is because it is so cheap to travel there, I went from east to west on their amazing bus service and it costs next to nothing. You’ll even have unlimited drinks, free wifi and amazing locals to chat to. The food is also cheap but some of the best you will ever eat! I spent about fifty percent of what i expected to on my trip there, it was a huge surprise. Turkey is in my top 5 countries, the fact that it’s so affordable means it just has to make this list.