Why visit Italy this summer? The list could go on for pages and pages. For time’s sake, here are the top 5 reasons to visit the gorgeous boot-shaped peninsula this summer:

1) Sicily

Sicily is unlike any other Italian region, from the cuisine to the language to the architecture – it’s like you are in another country (almost)! Make sure you read a travel guide to Sicily before you go, because everything from customs to getting around is different than the rest of Italy. This gorgeous mediterranean island is freckled with Greek Temples, Roman Mosiacs, Norman Churches, quant and classic Baroque towns. Not to mention the fantastic scenery like Taormina, the pristine white beaches and the turquoise waters. It is the perfect summer destination.


2) Cinque Terre

In Italian, Cinque Terre means the five lands. It is a gorgeous spot on the Ligurian coast made up of 5 stunning villages. They are all unique and you can take a day to hike across the coast and visit them all thanks to a wonderful trail network. If you don’t like to hike, there is a local train and also a ferry system!

3) Venice

It’s true that Venice floods occasionally, is old, can be stinky and is slowly sinking down into the lagoon on which it was built. What other city in the world can have all these attributes and still be one of the most enchanting and gorgeous destinations on the planet? Get to Venice before it sinks away into the Adriatic – it is a true wonder of the world.


4) Rome

Rome tries its best to be a modern 21st century metropolis, but can never escape the historical ruins and monuments that so elegantly decorate its urban landscape. Everyone should take a walk through the Colosseum to the Roman Forum once in their life, following in the footsteps of Romulus, Nero and Julius Caesar.

5) The Italians Themselves

The Italians are some of the warmest and hospitable people in the world, no matter where you go within the country. Sometimes they get a bad rap for being impatient with tourists, but this is really just a sign of their passion for life. They are people who live in the present moment, never worrying too much about the past or the future. And boy, do they know how to eat! Gelato, pesto, pizza, chicken, fresh fish… and don’t forget some of the planet’s best wine.