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The best cities to visit in the UK

The United Kingdom has remained one of the top tourist destinations in Europe for many years. It is made up of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The reason for it enjoying such popularity amongst holiday makers is due to the picturesque countryside, cities steeped in history, world renowned museums and of course the legendary theatres. The UK has such a diverse choice of destinations that it is no wonder why tourists continue to flock here year after year.

The only problem you will have as a tourist in the UK is figuring out where exactly it is you want to visit. With so much to see in each of the four countries it can be a tough choice but a great time is almost always guaranteed.

Having grown up in the United Kingdom myself I have travelled extensively throughout, so here are my top 3 cities that I think everyone should visit at least once!


It has to be in the list, it would probably make the top ten list of cities worldwide! It has absolutely everything you need from Royalty to some of the most recognisable landmarks in the world. Hop on board one of the iconic red double decker buses and get lost in one of the world’s most awe inspiring cities. Don’t forget to check out The Montcalm London Hotel if you want to make your trip that bit extra special.

The best cities to visit in the UK


If you love history then a visit to Scotland’s capital is a must! In total the old and new towns have over 4,500 historic buildings for you to explore and marvel at. Don’t be fooled by the label of ‘new town’ because it goes all the way back to the 18th century. I love Scotland and always find the people so welcoming.


Cornwall is best known to residents of the UK as the best place for a beach holiday, it is also home to our homegrown surfing community. In the summertime this place is beautiful, it’s both charming and quaint. If you like sandy beaches, outstanding views and water sports then you will absolutely love it here!