Don’t forget your toothbrush!

Let me share a short story with you, which has happened to one of my friends’ father in the late 1970s Romania. The country was under the deepest and toughest dictatorial rule at that time, when nobody had the permission to speak freely, think freely or travel freely outside the country. So, this guy went to the grocery store one morning to buy a loaf of bread, and a few days later phoned home from Germany. Since then wherever he goes, he takes his passport and toothbrush with him – because who knows where he might end up. The moral of the story is that you should expect the unexpected, and always be prepared the best you can for an unforeseen event during your trip.

Whenever you leave your home for more than a day you should be prepared for the things that might happen to you while you are away. You never know when an unexpected storm might hit, when you get caught in a blizzard, a huge traffic jam or something similar. A basic survival kit easily fits in most backpacks, and even more easily in the trunk if you go by car, and can mean the difference between life or death in certain situations. Let’s see what such a basic kit has to contain.

First of all, you’ll need a basic pack of medical supplies. Bandages, band-aid, a disinfectant, some sterile needles and thread (in case of a more serious injury), and some basic drugs, like Aspirin, Ibuprofen and such. Besides, if you have any prescription medications you need to take with regularity, it’s good to have a spare bottle of that in the kit, too. Next, the survivor’s best friend – a waterproof pack of matches or a lighter, some solid fuel so that you can easily light a fire if the need arises. A flashlight (a mechanically powered one would be best, as it does not need batteries), a radio and a spare battery for your mobile phone (or an external battery pack for your smartphone, if its battery is not user replaceable) should also be there. Remember that in case of an accident you can call 911 / 112 (the standard emergency call numbers) on your phone even if you have no coverage from your carrier. Besides, if you happen to have mobile internet coverage where you get stuck you can enjoy casino games at red flush online casino canada while you wait for the rescue teams to arrive. Don’t forget about personal hygiene – include a tooth brush, dental floss and some soap, some paper towels and some wet hankies in the pack.

You would be surprised how many troubles you can avoid by keeping a small survival kit at hand. It can help you handle unexpected situations more easily, and even survive if the need arises.