Britain’s Beautiful Coastline

When people think of Britain they don’t instantly think of sandy beaches and beautiful coastlines, well the truth is that the island is blessed with some fantastic seaside locations. If the weather is right then the beaches will be brimming with excited British people soaking up the sun and having a great time. Even when the weather isn’t hot enough for the beach the coastlines are perfect for walking because you will take in some of the most breath taking views.

Britain's Beautiful Coastline

If you like to be active then there are so many options available to you; you can try sailing, hiking, rock climbing and motor sports. You could of course just relax and bring a picnic to the beach!

There are so many places to list that I can’t simply list them all. It would be great for us to all share our experiences of the Great British coastline, just type down those experiences at the end of this article in the comment section. I think it’s great when we can all share stories, as a travel community, so that it will improve everyone’s next trip.

Here are two of the best coastline locations that I have found in Britain, they are absolutely superb!


My last memory of Brighton is waking up in the Travelodge Brighton, opening the curtains to see a beautiful summer’s day. Me and brother headed out to the beach where there is so much happening! I love the fun atmosphere that Brighton gives you. It’s one of the most well known spots for beach lovers in the south of England. The other great thing about Brighton is that if you enjoy a fun nightlife then there are plenty of places for you to let your hair down and party.

Tintagel Castle

Anyone who has been to this place can not stop raving about it! You will struggle to find a more atmospheric place on your travels in Britain, it is such a romantic place. You will find yourself high on the North Cornwall cliffs above the waves crashing into the coastline below. The medieval castle is even rumoured to be when the legend King Arthur was born! It is by far the most dramatic stretch of coastline that Britain has to offer.