My Thailand Trip: The Essentials

I’m off to Thailand at the end of the month and could not be more excited to head back to the friendly smiles, clear waters, great food and the overall energy of the great country. This will be my second time visiting and I’m hoping to see even more than I did last time. My trip includes a journey to the north to check out the more outdoors geared North of Thailand with Elephants, trekking, rafting and more. Then back down to the south to relax on the beach, drive a motorbike around and drink smoothies during the day before a big night of beach parties and lively streets. My first stop will be in Bangkok, a city so energized and full of life you feel as though sleep is something no one does here.

In order to check out all these diverse areas in one country, I decided I’d need to make a packing list of the different types of gear I’d need. So here is the gear and accessories I have stocked up on for my upcoming trip.


People sometimes forget that Bangkok is a major metropolis filled with trendy cafes, mega malls, chic restaurants, and designer night clubs. So as not to be the guy with a singlet and rugby shorts at a nice bar I decided I would pack a few colourful khaki shorts, some short sleeve dress shirts and a pair of Gucci sandals. This outfit is perfect for a rooftop bar night or a pool party during the day. Both which are some of the best things to do in Bangkok.

North Thailand

In the north, I plan to get off the grid a bit and into the beautiful nature that the upper provinces offer. To start I’ll rent a motorbike and do a bit of camping in the mountains region of Chiang Mai. I will bring a small backpack that is easy to transport on the bike and is able to fit a tent. I’ll pack a waterproof jacket, a pair of hiking pants that will keep the sun off me when on the bike during the day and the bugs away from me at night. It’s best to wear a pair of boots when both on the bike and hiking through the forest.

South Thailand

My final stop will be the to the white sand beaches and blue waters of Thailand. Here I’m going to relax and forget my worries while drinking cocktails near the sea. I’ve packed a selection of light t-shirts, swimming shorts and my favourite polarized sunglasses. The ultimate outfit to soak up the vibes.