The Cars That Won’t Leave You Stranded

There is no worse feeling than being stuck in an unfamiliar place, without a way to

get out. For most experienced adventurers you have been in or at least heard of

a few instances of this happening. Most of the time getting stranded is the result

of a malfunctioning piece of equipment, and more often than not it happens to be

a car. It’s no secret that certain cars are better equipped to handle all-terrains

and all types of stress. Let’s go some over some of your best options for cars

that won’t let you down.

Jeep Wrangler

This American classic has been one of the standout vehicles for off-road

enthusiasts since its introduction after WWII. The Wrangler also features a

iconic look that continues to attract attention and new customers. Classic

Jeep features like removable doors and a fold-down windshield will satisfy

any purist, while improved safety features and gas mileage is sure to attract

people who prefer a well paved road. Overall, you can’t go wrong with the

Jeep Wrangler, it’s a piece of car history that continues to build on its already

great legacy.

Land Rover Range Rover

Not to be outdone, Land Rover’s Range Rover is in a league of its own. The

only SUV that can confidently say it offers the utmost luxury with top

level performance, the Range Rover is equally comfortable rolling down

a muddy bank as it is Rodeo Dr. Land Rover has a storied history of vehicles

designed for the off-road adventure and the Range Rover is no different.

While the price is enough to put some people

off, when you are looking for a car that can take you anywhere in the world with

due pomp and circumstance, there is none better than the Range Rover.

Chevrolet Colorado ZR 2

A relative newcomer compared to the previous two cars, the Chevy Colorado ZR2

is quickly making a name for itself among out-door enthusiasts. A mid-size

truck, the ZR2 is the specialty off-road version of the Colorado, which features

best in class gas mileage (22 city / 30 hwy). The ZR2 has an upgraded suspension,

wider wheelbase and driver controlled traction controlled, an essential for

anyone taking their 4WD off-road. The Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 is making a

big splash in the off-road enthusiast world.

Toyota Land Cruiser

Sitting comfortably as one of the leaders in off-road SUV’s the Land Cruiser was

Toyota’s original SUV model. It has maintained its popularity through a

combination of unbeatable reliability and performance. Featuring a range of

intuitive tech that is designed for even the most extreme situations the road

has to offer, the Land Cruiser is an established name in off-road vehicles.

Wrap Up

Don’t let a improper or faulty vehicle get in the way of your destination. Consider

one of the cars listed above to get reliability and performance you can count on.