A Phuket Getaway

There are so many beautiful places to visit in Thailand but one place that I keep going back to again and again is the island of Phuket. The stunning natural beauty, buzzing energy and endless amount of things to do make me visit time after time. I am heading back there at the end of this month and will make sure that I squeeze as much into my days as possible.


When I stay in Phuket I usually stay in the south of the island to avoid the crowds. I find it more of a relaxed atmosphere and the beaches a bit nicer.  I love the fact that I can swim, shop, relax and indulge all in the same day. These are some of my favourite things to do when I visit this astounding place.





Karon viewpoint gives you a great perspective of the island and all its beauty. When I go up here I usually rent a motorbike and try to go earlier in the day to beat the crowds. From here I always like to check out the Big Budha that stands 45 meters tall. It’s a perfect place to get a photo.


If you love wildlife there’s plenty to check out. The monkey’s scurrying around on monkey hill are always fun to interact with. Just be careful they don’t try to steal your camera or phone. They can be pesky little things sometimes. If you are a dog lover, you can visit the soi dog foundation that looks after street dogs These guys do a lot to look after the many dogs and cats that are sick, injured or neglected.




There are so many great places to eat in Phuket. I love to eat the seafood on the beach. Fresh coconuts, smoothies and the local dishes are so tasty and affordable. Taking a cooking class here is a nice way to spend time enjoying the food and learning a new skill. I learned to cook with flavours that were so foreign to me.




If you want to head out on the town and meet some interesting characters then Balang street is the place to go. With dozens of bars within walking distance, it’s easy to have a big night here. The other great place to party is Patong beach. The 2 km stretch of beaches turns into a buzzing party scene every time and is filled with hundreds of people.