4 Items Which I Simply Can’t Travel Without

I regularly get asked about my travel essentials and what I would recommend that people take with them when they hit road for a while. The truth is that everyone is different and in terms of what you deem essential, is entirely up to you.

With all of this being said, I thought that I would share with you 6 items which I take away with me when I go traveling, in order for you to gain some inspiration. Over the years I have managed to get my packing down to the standard of minimalist, and these following 6 items are usually the first things that go into my backpack.


Although there is a risk of my smartphone being stolen or lost when I go away, potentially to great expense, there are simply too many benefits which it gives me, not to take it. Whether it is using the maps application to get from A to B, using a chat service to connect to my friends or family or even using a translation app to help talk to the locals, my phone is a key tool to my travels and I won’t leave home without it.


I have a baby laptop which I travel with as it is small, super light and not too valuable. I rely on my laptop to work and without it, I would lose business, clients and ultimately, money. I would really recommend getting  small sized laptop for when you travel, if you plan on working on the road. Another item which I’ll usually take with me is a portable wifi device, I won’t take it if I’m heading to a big city with plenty of wifi options, but if I plan on passing anywhere remote, the portable wifi is my best friend.


Whilst you could argue that either all clothes are essential, or indeed that none are given that you can buy clothing anywhere, I think that the clothes which you take should be entirely down to you. One item which I can wholeheartedly recommend is a scarf, as it is multi purposeful and can help you in many situations. Over the years I have used my scarf as a pillow, a blanket, a mask in a sand storm, an item to cover the hair of my girlfriend for cultural reasons, a towel and of course, as a scarf to warm me up. Minimalist packing is about taking items which can be used for more than one thing, and for me, the scarf is the ultimate candidate to do just that.

Multi Plug

The final, and potentially the most important item in my backpack is a travel plug which I can use to connect to a power socket, in any country in the world. Whist you can buy a different adaptor for any country which you travel to, I believe that it is most cost effective, and easier, to buy a one for all which you can rely on. There is nothing worse than not being able to charge up your gadgets, and a travel plug is something which I would deem absolutely essential.