5 Important Tips to Help Your Skype Interview Go Well

It can be stressful to interview for a position and even more so when you have to interview over the internet. Here are some ways to make sure you are calm and prepared so you can nail your interview.

1. Have a Professional Username

Your username will make an impression on your interviewer before they even talk to you. Ensure it is something simple and easy to read, like your name.

2. Dress Like You Would For a Traditional Interview

Just because you’re not interviewing at an office doesn’t mean you can let the dress code slide. You may be in your living room, but you still need to wear a suit or other professional attire.

3. Set the Stage

Location matters. Don’t do your interview someplace too dark, in front of bright windows, or in the middle of your noisy living room. Make sure the space you choose is clean and quiet. If you have to interview in a public place, let your interviewer know in advance and try to schedule it for a time of day when business is more likely to be slow.

4. Keep Eye Contact

Look at the camera on your device, not at the screen when you’re talking. Pay attention to your interviewer instead of other activities that may be taking place around you.

5. Do a Trial Run

Whenever you use technology, there is the potential for things to go wrong. Minimize the risk of glitches by doing a practice skype interview with someone else at least an hour before the real thing. That way you’ll have time to figure out any problems you encounter as well as check the lighting and make sure you’re speaking at an appropriate volume.

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