Why is National B&B Day an important day in the tourism calendar?

Given all of the ‘special days’ that routinely crop up across the year, it’s understandable that you may presume National B&B Day – next set to take place on 24th March 2018 – will be just another one of those days. You might vaguely hear something about it in the news, but then it’ll be gone for another year… right?

Actually, we shouldn’t be quite so fast in concluding that, as National B&B Day really is an important date – and here’s exactly why.

Bed and breakfasts play a vital role

With the British tourism sector set to be worth more than £257 billion by 2025 according to VisitBritain, there’s no doubt that this is a heavyweight part of the economy. Yet, it can be easy to forget the significant role of the humble bed and breakfast in the country’s tourist success story.

As it happens, there are more than 20,000 B&Bs currently operating in the UK, contributing over £2 billion to the economy each year – which is surely worthy of celebration.

There’s nothing quite like a B&B

If you’ve ever stayed in a bed and breakfast, you’ll probably know what we mean when we say they’re far from just another alternative to a big-brand chain hotel.

B&Bs aren’t the kind of place where you tend to be treated as ‘just a number’. They’re generally more intimate, unique and characterful establishments that often have their own interesting decor touches and stories to tell. It’s not just more personal attention that you can expect from a B&B compared to an ordinary hotel – it’s also a more distinctive and memorable all-round experience.

The day is backed by some of the biggest names in tourism

You can tell just what a big deal National B&B Day is to the bed and breakfast sector, in part by checking out the list of sponsors of the day that are big players in UK tourism.

The likes of the B&B Association, VisitBritain, the AA, National Express and Toprooms are all throwing their weight behind this year’s National B&B Day. Such support is of real benefit to bed and breakfast owners across the country, with bookings for stays at any property on National B&B Day via Toprooms, for example, being entirely commission free.

It truly helps British B&Bs to spread the word

This is where we get to what is, in many ways, the really great thing about National B&B Day, for bed and breakfast owners and guests alike.

The B&B Association is inviting all independent hosts and hoteliers to get involved in National B&B Day, by presenting prospective holidaymakers with a particularly appealing deal to stay with them over the National B&B Day weekend.

That may mean giving the guest a discount on their stay, throwing in a free box of chocolates or glass of Champagne, or putting an alternative spin on the usual breakfast they serve.

With so many great British bed and breakfasts having already committed to taking part in National B&B Day, it’s a fantastic promotion that will be instrumental in reminding Britons just what it is that makes the good old B&B so special.

We dare say that you might therefore wish to take advantage, whether as a bed and breakfast owner or prospective guest…