Mexico: A beach lovers paradise

Does the idea of a holiday on the beach sound like the perfect way to escape the winter chill? I certainly think it does! Today I have been looking at Mexico beach rentals online because I am planning my third trip to the beautiful Mexican coastline. Just looking at the amazing accommodation available has warmed me up, and that’s it exactly what booking a holiday should feel like.

There’s something very unique about a trip to Mexico, it’s exciting, full of adventure and of course sweeping sandy beaches. I fell in love with the place as soon as I arrived and once I returned home I knew I had to go back again.

Beach holidays in Mexico are the perfect way to relax and forget about the stresses of city life. With the sun beating down on you, the sand between your toes and a cocktail in hand makes the office seem like a million miles away. If you lounging on the beach isn’t for you then that’s no problem at all, there are plenty of activities and water sports for you to try your hand at.

So, where do I recommend you look if you want the perfect holiday in the sun? Here are my top 3 beaches on the Mexican coast.


This one for you history lovers out there. The beach is ideally situated in the shade of the historical Tulum Mayan ruins. The ruins by themselves would make for a perfect tourist destination, but coupled with the famed sweeping white sandy beaches makes for the best beach holiday in the whole of Mexico. I loved the palm trees that line beach and the beautiful turquoise waters. It’s just a 2 hour drive from the thriving city of Cancun and you’ll be able to find some great hotels right on the beach front here.


This beautiful beach is most famous for being popular back in the hippie days, it was the place of free love from the 1960’s to the 1980’s. The reason it became famous is because it was once one of just a handful of nude beaches in Mexico, but fear not because nowadays nearly everyone there is wearing at least a bathing suit. The hippies may have gone but the place is still as popular as ever, now you will find beach lovers, yoga gurus and also many surfers enjoying the beach. You will still see plenty of budget accommodation here, but each time I go back I seem to find more luxurious lodging and restaurants popping up.

Playa del Carmen

This is the beach to visit if you love relaxing, clean sands and clam waters. Although it might seem like the place is full of people it still retains a lovely sleepy village feeling. If you feel like exploring then it is easy to hop on a boat to visit Cozumel and also the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef. The hospitality here is second to none and it has some of the best local cuisine I tried on my holiday to Mexico.