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How to have a stress free holiday in Zante

Zante is such a popular destination that even if you haven’t visited the place I am sure that you know someone who has. The sun is always shining and everyone there just seems to be in a good mood and happy about life, why wouldn’t you be? You’re next to the beautiful beaches, with great weather and amazing food to eat! It has now been a favourite of people from the UK for many, many years. Each year thousands of lucky people hop on a plane and make the short journey over to have one of the best holidays of their lives in Zante, I say ‘the short journey’ to remind you just how close you are to being on a beautiful sandy beach! For example, if you book holidays to Zante with Direct Holidays today, you could be soaking up the sun and sipping a cocktail on the beach tomorrow. Yes, it really can be that easy if you take the leap and decide that you want to escape the horrible British weather as soon as possible! Here are 2 great things to take on board before you arrive in Zante.

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Keep Hydrated

You must remember that you will travelling to a country where the climate is a lot different to the UK, the weather is going to be very hot indeed. So you have to be strict with yourself and remember to drink lots of water. Always try to keep a bottle with you at all times, sip it every now and then and refill it as much as possible. If you have children then you do have to push them to keep drinking water, kids will always try and get out of doing things no matter how much we want them to do something. You don’t want something as simple as dehydration ruining your holiday.


Always check the exchange rates before you leave home, it may be more beneficial not to change your money in the UK and wait until you hit Zante. The internet is a great tool for this and you will get an answer to this matter in minutes. Check with your bank as well to see what type of charges there are if you withdraw money overseas, a lot of banks now have cards which do not charge you for overseas withdrawals – if you travel a lot then maybe you need one of those cards! There are ATMs absolutely everywhere in Zante, so don’t worry about bringing a huge amount of cash with you.