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Galapagos Getaway

Are you in the need of that secluded island getaway? Well Gecko Adventures has the perfect solution for you; they are currently offering an amazing sale to the hidden Galapagos Islands.  These lesser known islands are located just shy 1000km off the South American coast and are a part of continental Ecuador. With a small population that is predominantly Spanish speaking you will be able to practise your language skills as you meet some of the locals and experience island life.


If you are after a holiday where you are second to wildlife then this is it, there are not many places where you can go in the world which are relatively still untouched. This is nature at its wildest and brightest, animals are in charge here so be prepared to see many sights and definitely bring an extra memory card for your camera. On the islands there aren’t many fancy restaurants or land transportation so you will mostly be travelling in style by boat, the best part is that each day you will be docking at somewhere new. You will be in and out of the water countless times where you can expect to be snorkelling with all sorts of creatures and the best bit is that all your gear, wetsuit and snorkel is included in the price!


Probably the hardest part of this trip is making the decision about which Galapagos trip to choose, currently there are an amazing nine on offer that range from 6-10 days. Each trip is special in its own very unique way as they explore different parts of the islands and represent a different feel. The Finch & The Tortoise is a week long trip which focuses on the central islands, starting out from the Ecuadorian capital Quito you will make your way over to the islands via a 2 hour plane journey. Upon landing you will begin your time on the islands and start your wildlife adventure, over the course of your trip you can expect to visit wetlands, a tortoise breeding centre and even a beach with red sand! Perhaps one of the more modern experiences on the trip will be whilst you visit the Charles Darwin Research Station; this is located on the second largest island in the Galapagos called Santa Cruz. Named after the Islands’ founder the centre contains a museum and shops where you can have a look around, it is also close by to Puerto Ayora one of the towns on the islands. Here you will be able to see how the locals live and grab a drink before heading back to Quito that evening as this is the last stop on the islands.


Unfortunately, upon arriving back into Quito this will signal the end of your adventure after the next morning you will be provided with breakfast before deciding where you want to head next!

Gecko Adventures is offering 15% off selected Galapagos trips when you depart before June 30 and book by March 31st so if this sounds like a trip you just pass up on now is the time to book! You can find further information at the website.