Family fun

Travelling with kids can be taxing. Tiredness and over-excitement can turn even

the most serene of little ones into a Tasmanian Devil, which doesn’t bode well for

the parents who are trying to get everyone and their belongings where they

need to be, when they need to be, and in one piece!




Family holidays do have their challenges, but overall, they’re meant to be fun,

memorable events that stay with us forever. The best way of making sure that

they stay with you for the right reasons is by taking steps to cut out the stress

wherever possible. It’s never going to completely disappear, because at the end

of the day we’re not magicians, but it is possible to make sure the conditions are

right to get as much sleep pre-travel as possible.


Getting to the airport and staying at one of the on-site, or very nearby hotels is a

great pre-holiday treat, as not only is it practical and functional, but it also adds a

bit of sparkle and fun to the whole thing. You can sit and have a relaxing family

meal before watching a film, having a relaxing shower and retiring to bed, all

before rising and getting ready for your travel day. No need to worry about

getting to the terminal door on time, and no need to get up at stupid o’clock for

your early flight. As a result, the kids will be more relaxed, as the initial

excitement will have died down somewhat, and the whole environment is more

conducive to sleep!


Most large UK airports have varying ranges of hotels on offer, with obviously

more to choose from at the London, Manchester and Birmingham airports, to

smaller ranges more regionally. No matter where you fly from the level of service

will remain the same – high, and the cost is low. There really isn’t a down side to

this tip.


I’ve stayed at many of the Luton Airport hotels from Holiday Extras, and I can honestly say my

airport experience and travel day was much smoother and calmer as a result.

One of the big bonuses for me was being able to get ready at my leisure and

actually look presentable on check-in, and not bedraggled and lacking in make

up! My friend swears by the Sofitel Gatwick, and you won’t find a

negative argument from her either!


Calming down the kids and getting them settled of course means more time for

you to kick back and relax too, which is all part and parcel of being on holiday. If

you can enjoy as much of your travel arrangements as possible then you’re onto

a winner for the rest of your holiday, and that, ladies and gentleman, is the

whole point of going away.