What to Do With Your Travel Photos When You Get Home

Photographs are the best ways to preserve memories, and if you are going somewhere for a vacation, then certainly your camera is going to be your best friend. You naturally would want to share your travel photos with your friends once you get back home, and you might e-mail your pictures, or share them via social media. But these are some very common ways to use your travel photographs, and you can do something more creative and unique with them. So, let us now get to discover 6 unique things you can do with your precious travel photos.

  1. Map Photo Frame

The map photo frame is a very simple yet unique way to use your travel photo, just make sure not to forget to bring along maps from your trip. Now, cut the map to the size of your chosen picture frame mat. Carefully stick the map on to the mat, and then slide in a photo from your trip. You have now created a beautiful personalized photo frame. You can also use a wider photo frame, so that you can add more photographs.

  1. Hang Canvas Prints

One of the easiest and most effective ways to help you retain and relive your precious holiday memories, is to put them somewhere you will see them every day. Pick a few of your favourite shots from your last holiday and create a canvas photo collage, printed at any of the online services currently available. Then hang it somewhere you’ll see it every day, like in the front hall so you see it every time you leave to go to work. It is a great way to kick off the day.

  1. Deck your Hall

Even if you have taken dining photographs in your trip, you still should avoid displaying them in your dining or living rooms. Instead, you should display them down a hallway, as this is a perfect area for personal photographs. You can even add some photos up the stairway. Since these areas have enough wall space, and enjoy foot traffic, they are the best places to display beautiful travel memories.

  1. Screensaver

You use your laptop, computer, mobile, tablets, every single day. So, saving your travel pictures as your screensaver will allow you the opportunity to re-live the beautiful memories, every time you use your gadgets. Not only you, anybody else using your mobile, laptop, etc, will also get a glimpse of your travel memories.

  1. Tablet Computer Covers

Do you know you can purchase heat transfer iPad covers? Get one for yourself, then select your favorite travel photos, and make a collage using some free software. Now, print the collage in a transfer paper, take a very hot iron, and stick the collage to the case, and you have your very own personalized iPad cover ready with your most beautiful travel pictures.

  1. Mounted Display

A mounted photo display, without doubt, is one of the best ways to display your travel photos. First, go through your photographs, and choose five matte 5–by–7-inch pictures. Paint or stain at least a 3 feet long, 1-by-8-inch piece of wood, and glue 5 bulldog clips on to the wood. While gluing the clips, make sure you maintain at least few inches distance between each photo edges. If you wish to hang the display then purchase a picture mounting kit, and if you are concerned about the wood’s weight, then instead of nails you can use screws to secure it. This process does take a little effort, but the end result is going to be more than satisfying.

So, these are 6 top ways to use your travel photos when you get home. No matter which method you opt for, you are sure going to preserve and display your beautiful memories, in the most beautiful way.