Cyprus by Drone

Cyprus has proven its status as a holiday destination with a culture and geography that can offer something to almost any visitor. It is the third largest Island in the Mediterranean sea and is surrounded by beautiful turquoise sea, offers mountain regions to the North and South, and is home to both Turkish and Greek culture. Its dry, warm Mediterranean climate offers some of the best holiday weather for making the most of the beautiful outdoor environment, and it’s a firm favourite of ours at Holiday Taxis.

“AIR time” Cyprus trip 2015 music by Phaeleh – Breathe in Air (feat. Soundmouse) from AIRtime on Vimeo.
Ancient cultures have inhabited the Island from around 10, 000 BC and this gives the Island a rich history to explore. The first hunter-gatherers on the Island were thought to have met with dwarf hippos and elephants and the remains of a domestic cat were found buried in an ancient grave here, making it a far earlier human-feline association than existed in Egyptian culture. It was later home to both Roman and Greek cultures and was also invaded by the Ottoman Empire. With such a melting pot of cultures, there are many sites that offer insight into ancient worlds. Of particular note is the Tomb of the Kings at Pafos. There are also Phoenician tombs, mosaics left by the Romans, and relics left by newer cultures such as Venetian walls, Byzantine castles, Roman monasteries and Islamic mosques.

For relaxation the Island offers a variety of beaches from secluded coves to easy access family spots. There is never need to lie on the sand for too long though as Cyprus offers almost every water sport you can think of and this alone can keep you occupied for days.

At night, the towns offer a vibrant atmosphere and there are many restaurants to choose from. Meze is a food style that is well known and very popular on the Island. This is great for tourists as it consists of a number of small dishes meaning that many options of both Turkish and Greek cuisine can be sampled within one meal.

If you are planning a trip to Cyprus, new technology is now offering a chance to view the Island from above and get you in the mood for your holiday. The proliferation of drone use in recent years has given rise to some stunning bird’s-eye views of the Island and can easily reach spots that regular photographers cannot. The drones are able to sweep across stunning secluded coastline, nip up to the top of mountains and swing by to see what the party goers are up to. They offer a real feel for what the Island is like and can help you to plan the areas you want to visit. The videos are definitely worth a look to whet your appetite before you start your trip.


Tim Aldiss writes for holidaytaxis.com