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Airport Hotels: The Overlooked Solution


Airport hotels are a truly overlooked solution that people should be using more for their great convenience and today I will be talking about some of the reasons why airport hotels will be great for your next trip, so read on to find out more.


Not everyone is in a convenient location where they can easily access the airport they are flying out of. Stansted airport hotels are a great example of this because London has so many airports, that you most likely don’t live very close to it. This can make traveling there a little bit of a pain, but by staying right net to the airport you cannot go wrong. I like to book with to find a good deal on airport hotels in the UK, which seems to get me the best deals.

No need for complicated transport

Getting to the hotel the night before the trip is an absolute please because you don’t need to think about the complications of travel on the day. You can simply make your way to the hotel at any time and check in, which is absolutely great. Even if you were to forget something important, you could quite easily go back home and get it.

Long layovers

I absolutely hate long layovers and waiting at the airport can be an incredibly boring experience, not to mention totally uncomfortable, especially with the endless light of airports and the hard seats. Having a proper bed to sleep in is absolutely crucial for the next part of your travel journey. I find that things like tiredness and jetlag are minimised when I get a good night’s sleep in between and this is certainly worth every cent for the hotel.  

No rush

Getting from an airport hotel to the airport is an absolute breeze and in some cases you may even be able to walk! This for me is one of the winning features of hotels near the airport. I love that I can wake up, pack my bag, have a shower, eat a nice breakfast in the hotel and then get going. You just feel so much more relaxed compared to waking up hours before your flight and wondering whether you will get to the airport on time.