5 Best Countries for Backpacking on a Bicycle

It may not be easy to travel with nothing but a backpack and the power of your own two legs, but the right trip can be the experience of a lifetime. Ready to kick off and see the world? Here are the five best countries for backpacking on a bicycle.


Morocco is famous for its rich history and multi-ethnic culture. Entering a new neighbourhood can feel like entering a new world, one with food, fashion and music all of its own. When you’re living out of a backpack, this kind of variety will blow your mind!

Morocco is also a great place for cycling thanks to the prevalence of cyclists already there. It’s a common form of transportation among the working class, so you’ll find tolerant traffic and plenty of side-of-the-road stops for water and other essentials.

If you’re looking for the best of variety and convenience, say hello to Morocco and goodbye to dehydrated snack bars.


The windy mountain passes of Scotland make for a great challenge and an even better story when you get home. That isn’t all of the scenery, either – you can also bike across beaches, valleys and daisy fields. Accommodation comes in the form of luxury resorts and old-fashioned lodges alike. The food is exquisite, the culture endlessly interesting, and the people are friendly and welcoming from the day you arrive until the day you leave.

With all these reasons to bike through Scotland, why wouldn’t you?


Japan is very bike-friendly, which will come in handy when you’re passing through the cities and trying to avoid traffic. Commuters are used to cyclists and you’ll find clean, clearly-marked marked paths as you pedal through.

That said, the real reason to bike through Japan is the sheer variety of the country. In the Kanto prefecture you’ll find sprawling skyscrapers and city fever, but travel just fifty miles north and you’ll hit the cool air and lush green hills of Tohoku. Go further still and you’ll find yourself in Hokkaido, the land of snow.

If you’re looking for a country that’s practical and breathtaking by equal measure, look no further than Japan.


It isn’t a popular tourist destination, but that is, of course, part of the appeal. Albania is one of the few places left in the world that’s truly unspoiled. Very little of the country has been branded, commercialized or polluted, and the people are still friendly and open, unwary of tourists. The trees are green and the beaches are blue. The mountains will offer an irresistible challenge to serious cyclists.

Best of all? Albania is dirt cheap. Food and lodging will cost you as little as 2€ a night!

New Zealand

With two islands, you’ll never run out of land to cover in New Zealand. The North Island offers the quintessential city experience of shops, restaurants and nightlife, and its southern counterpart is ideal for mountain biking and has some of the most striking natural scenery this side of the equator. It’s a great place to see, explore, and simply be – and you can take every experience and times it by two. Just be sure not to forget your camera!