Why Having The Best Backpack Makes all the difference

I have been through so many types of backpacks in my life. I have had everything from hand-me-downs, to on sale, to brand new, and I’ve seen it all. Throughout all of these bags I have had some great experiences, but some really terrible ones. I have learned that if you don’t love your bag you won’t love the way you feel about yourself, and having the wrong back can also really screw up your bag.

It sounds really superficial to be worrying about the look of your backpack because it is just a bag. However, a bag is a really big accessory that draws attention to the eye, and it’s important to love it. If you’re feeling confident about your bag, then you can begin to feel confident about you. You just have to remember to find the right bag for yourself. For example, if you hate the color orange, then I wouldn’t recommend walking around with an orange Jansport always, (trust me I had the exact same situation happen to me in the ninth grade and it clashed with all of my outfits!)

Feeling good about yourself physically is the first step to feeling good about yourself mentally. If you’re wearing 20-inch heels even though you never wear heels, you’re probably not gonna love yourself in them. Backpacks are the same way. There are all different types of backpacks, and you have to make sure that you have the right type for the right situation, (and your own personal taste.) If you’re just going out for the day around a city, you don’t have to take the traditional school girl backpack. If you feel better about a voyager backpack with your look, then why not go for it? They can hold snacks and maps and basically all the essentials you need for a simple day outing. However, if you’re backpacking across Europe, it’s probably best to go with a bag that’s a little hard core. If you don’t, you could end up really damaging your back. If you don’t like the look of the boring, yet supportive, bags, try dressing them up with keychains, and other fun accessories.

Having the right bag is essential for bringing happiness to yourself mentally and physically. Because there are so many options for bags, I would suggesting looking at bigger department stores, such as Macy’s. Good Luck, and I hope you find a backpack you love just as much as I love mine!