What You’ll Learn on a Coffee Plantation Tour

Coffee beans are grown all over the world from Ethiopia, the birthplace of this incredible plant, to the likes of Jamaica, Hawaii, Rwanda, Indonesia and across central America in nations like Panama and Costa Rica. Whilst the beans which are created across the globe taste very different, something which they all do have in common is the fact that you can embark on a plantation tour, learning a great deal about the operations at hand.

Instead of picking up some beans and putting them in a coffee maker with grinder function for a cup of Joe, head off into the world, get a plantation tour and learn for yourself exactly how that bean arrived and where it came from. During a plantation tour, no matter where you happen to take it, here is a small sample of exactly what you will learn about.


Most of the world’s coffee plantations have been around for many years and one of the most important things that you are going to learn about is the history which surrounds the plantation. You’ll learn about how it came to be, who began the plantation and most importantly what has changed since those early days, and what has been updated as part of the learning process.

Seed to Harvest

You will also of course learn about the process and the techniques which are used to plant the seeds for the coffee beans, how they are cared for during their growth period and then when and how the beans are eventually harvested. Some plantations use ultra modern techniques whereas others will focus instead of maintaining traditional techniques in terms of the harvesting process.

Important Factors

Something else you are going to learn a lot about are the factors and the conditions in which beans need in order for them to grow. Coffee beans grow at different speeds and have different texture and taste profiles and the large majority of this is dictated by the weather and geographical conditions in which they are grown. You will not only learn abut the importance of these conditions but also how they are able to shape what the coffee tastes like.


You will of course have a chance to taste some of the coffee which is produced right there on the plantation. When drinking the coffee you will be taught about what sort of flavors to look for and how to identify whether the coffee is bitter, sweet or packed with a range of different flavors and aromas.

Making Coffee

You may think that you make a mean cup of Joe but you’ll learn exactly how you should be grinding beans and the exact method by which you should be making the coffee. Each coffee and bean requires a different type of treatment, and after your plantation visit you will know exactly how to prepare the perfect cup of coffee.

Plantation visits are well worth doing and afterwards you will have a much deeper understanding of coffee as a product.