4 things to remember after a car accident

So, you’re driving along minding your own business, then suddenly your car is shunted from behind or hit by a great force from the side, and now your car is damaged – you’re in pain and absolute shock. You’ve just been involved in a car accident. 

In the immediate aftermath of an accident, it’s not always easy to think clearly, especially if you have your children in the car with you, you’re hurt, or you know that the other driver was to blame. Your stress levels will go through the roof, making it difficult to make the right choices and know what to do next. However, it’s in these moments that you need to remember some crucial things, especially if you’re considering reaching out to a lawyer. Click here to find out more about the statute of limitations personal injury

Here we’ll look at 4 things to remember after a car accident. 

Check everyone for injuries

You need to make sure that everyone, including yourself, is ok after the impact. Many injuries won’t manifest until some time after the incident and some may be internal and not noticeable, however, you should call an ambulance to get everyone checked out. Put on your hazard lights, and if people can do so, exit the vehicle and relocate to the pavement, or behind the barrier.

Remain calm

If you’re convinced that the other party was to blame for the crash then you’re going to feel frightened, angry and incredibly stressed. Try to remain calm and not let your emotions get the better of you. Get the details you need from the other driver as calmly as possible.

Call the police

Calling the police is a legal requirement. When they arrive, speak honestly and frankly with them. Don’t try to speculate what you think may have happened, just give the officer a description of what happened to you. This report will be filed, and you’ll be able to receive a copy for your insurance and personal injury claim.

Don’t admit guilt

For many people, saying sorry is almost a natural reflex. Even if we’re not in the wrong it’s common to hear ourselves apologizing in order to ease the tension. However, after a crash, you need to protect yourself. Keep things formal with the other driver, and don’t discuss the details too much. Don’t admit guilt, otherwise, you may make your insurance and personal injury claim complicated further down the line.