What You Can Expect From Biblical Israel Tours


Israel is a country which is filled with wonders and the biblical history. If you really want to see the retrace history and the bible times, make biblical Israel tours to this gem of the Middle-East. You can discover the true beauty of Israel with a varied landscape with mountains, plains and sea waters and there is a lot more with the modern cities in this country.

About Israel In General

Israel has always been the most developed country in the Middle East region. Though political issues are there and there is always a danger from the surrounding nations, Israel still offers a lot to the visitors coming there from all over the world. Not only the holy sites you can see there, you still have a lot to discover apart from the biblical Israel tours that many tourists book here. The most popular places in Israel are the Dead Sea with amazing water, Mediterranean beaches and resorts, Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Tel Aviv, Sea of Galilee and more. The people here are religious and follow the ancient culture but they always welcome the guests from all over the world and are very friendly. The tourism industry in Israel is well developed there are you can find a number of guided tour companies in Israel making your Israel tours extremely enjoyable there.

Biblical Israel Tours

Israel is one of the holiest countries in the world and the city of Jerusalem is one of the holiest places in the world. There are many services in Israel which allow you to make Israel tours and a holy land tour to the country which allows you to discover the holy land and it gives a great opportunity to the visitors to see first-hand the sites and places which have been read in the history and bible books.

In Israel you can find both private and group tours throughout the year. In the holy land tour you can find some of the renowned destinations which include the places such as-

  • The Old City
  • Church of the Holy Sepulcher
  • Western Wall
  • Mount Zion and Temple Mount
  • The Shepherd’s field
  • And more.

The eventful cities like Bethlehem where Jesus was born, Nazareth, Jerusalem and Jericho forms an important part in the holy tours. The important and eventful sites list includes such as the Mount of transfiguration, the wilderness where Jesus was tempted, the tomb where Jesus was laid and rose again, the tomb from which Lazarus was raised, the river where He was baptized and the Way of grief (Via Dolorosa) where He carried the cross. These are imprinted in the pilgrim’s mind and help perceive the Bible from a deeper view. Biblical Israel tours have much more to offer and this all can be witnessed if you plan your trip soon.