What to expect from a Trip to India

It is often said that India is just several countries disguised as one. And that may not be too far from the truth. The country has 29 states with each having its own culture, traditions, and at least one regional language. Not to mention, the several thousands of languages and dialects that are spoken exclusively in the country. If you haven’t already made a visit, you should make your plans soon while Makemytrip offers discounts on your travel and stay when you’re there.

Although it is indeed true that not all of India may be for the faint-hearted, the country’s big enough to accommodate all kind of tourists. Whether you seek a spiritual experience, a holistic ayurvedic rejuvenation or even a day at the beach, the geographic and cultural diversity within the subcontinent make it a great destination no matter what you’re looking for.


There are many beautiful parts of India and I love visiting and exploring all corners of it. The northeastern part of India is one of the most beautiful in the country, especially Sikkim. If you are lucky you can get some of the best Gangtok tour packages by booking early and with a reliable tour operator. Sikkim is home to many great Buddhist sites, as well as some of the best hiking that I have been lucky enough to experience in my life. There are so many other places to visit too, like the beaches of the south, which I also love.

It’s a Big Country 

India is only the seventh largest country in the world in terms of size behind the likes of Canada and China, but don’t let that fool you. The country has the second most habitable land in the world. Most of India has been bustling with life for hundreds if not thousands of years. What this has resulted in is a diverse culture with a unique and vibrant palette that paints the country in vivid colours across its landscape.


Much like the country, Indian food is diverse as you can imagine. From the spicy curries of the northern part of the country to the savoury south Indian cuisines, you are in for a flavour explosion with Indian food. 

An Experience 

A trip to India may not turn out to be the one you’ll enjoy the most, but ti will definitely be one that you will remember and hopefully, rejoice later on. The country is a photographer’s dream with all its colours and unique people.