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Virikson Morocco Holidays Offers You the Real Experience of Cultural Morocco

Morocco is a great holiday destination in every way possible. It invites kids, adventurers, couples and the soulful individuals and indeed, it is an absolute love for everyone, despite the diverse interest levels. If you’re culturally curious and want to explore some authentic traditional endeavours, Morocco is the land to choose for your next holiday plan. Streets are full of the aroma of the spices and the fragrance of food, eye captivating array of cultural masterpieces is also worth reconnoitring. Medina & Souks are offering a dazzling view of culture, either it’s about the behaviour, clothing, food, history or the decor. Voices of haggling, laughter all around and hospitality in the attitude of locals is really soul grasping.  Morocco Holiday Packages offered by the Virikson Morocco Holidays can provide you with an overwhelming and mind-blowing experience of cultural Morocco. Get your holiday planned by the experts of our team!

By the time you’ll reach in the Kingdom, it can quickly grasp the hold on you and you’ll be surrounded by the certain kind of influence of ethnic culture. Stirring landscapes are inviting you to the exciting journey of thrill, and we are all set to introduce some new and unique trends in the travel industry. The unique and breath-taking medinas are appealing the tourists’ community from all over the world. You might want to spend some time trekking through the Mountains or just living in riads grasping the nostalgic feel of living among the fascinating cultural sites. The feel is beyond the routine world and it’s quite inspiring. 

Top 5 Must Visit Historical and Cultural Sites of Morocco

Cultural morocco is not anything casual to wrap it up in fascinating words of beauty but it is the exquisiteness to be explored, discovered and fall in love with every corner of it. Let’s just diminish your curiosity about the land of art, music, history and literature and highlight about mesmeric sites to add up in a travel bucket list of Morocco.   

  • Fes El Bali, Fes

Fes el Bali is the UNESCO listed medina of Fes and its historical fortress-like architecture take you back in middle ages. Stepping in it means to feel nostalgic and imagine living there in past centuries. The high walls surrounding the city were raised by the Moulay Idris II. It was exciting to know the reason behind winding and labyrinth-like streets, yes, the strategy was followed to keep the enemy horseback riders out and lost.  It is a car-free Medina and only means of transportation used by tourist or local are mules, bicycle or handcart and this is another thrilling experience to be there. It is divided into the distinct markets such as leather, spices, music etc. 

Moreover, it’s enough to explore the culture of Fes and live it for that particular moment while rambling in the alleyways. You’ll feel that, despite pacing into the modern era, these walls still dare to offer the authentic and loveable lifestyle.  

  • Volubilis, near Meknes

Welcome to the dramatic Roman site. Although it’s only ruins of the city, still has a unique vibe which is quite astounding. This magnificent land is preserved by UNESCO proves its historical importance. These ruins of Volubilis are located at the foot of Atlas Mountains and providing the most tranquil ambience in the surroundings. Back in times, it was famous for producing olive oil and grains that were the source of balance in the economy. But time changed and quarrels between Berbers and Romans heated, resulting in the escape of Romans from there. Its thrilling history cannot be explained herein limited words but you should try to ask it from the local guides, the way they narrate the story is worth listening. 

  • Ait Benhaddou, Draa Valley

The most scenic structured city, the location that is also used in many films and shoot by the Hollywood directors. The valley is a haven for photographers and one can also climb up the hill to enjoy the exotic ground view of the city. The Kasbah is giving you the very real feel of an amazing lifestyle that was followed by the people in the past. There are two parts of Ait Benhaddou, on is quite contemporary and designed specially to entertain tourist but the other side is really expressing the history.  

  • Sahara Desert

Camel trekking, sunsets and stargazing while camping at night in Sahara is one of the most astonishing experience. Each and every moment at the site is exciting and thrilling. Arabian music, storytelling, Berber’s lifestyle and last but not the least, nomadic life is quite fabulous to know about. People out there are incredible and they never let you go without showing their cultural generosity norms. You’ll be welcomed by the wide open arms by the nomads of Sahara. Enjoy camping and absorb the charming shiny heat of the Desert but keep some heat safety necessities along. 

  • City of Chefchaouen

It is one of the mystical small towns, appealing the artist community and inspiring with its charming beauty of blue. Follow the colourful pathways in your footsteps and discover the greatness of the city. As compared to other city sides of the country, this small village is quite peaceful and offers you a very calm ambience to enjoy your own company. Nonchalantly, roam around and you’ll get to know some very interesting trails of the blue city. Its décor is appealing and interestingly dramatic too. It is culturally rich and peaceful, no crowded areas and is fantabulous in its all peaceful way. 

However, Morocco is the land to explore in chunks. You can’t have it all at once and at the same time, you’ll be overwhelmed by its enchanting beauty and culture. To explore the best of the culture owned by Moroccans, contact or call now at Virikson Morocco Holidays. Your very own travel agents are eagerly waiting to help you in choosing Morocco Holiday packages. We have experts from the industry that design these tours based on the expertise of travellers.