Return to Central America - Winter 2011

Video: Live Salsa in Antigua


On one of my last nights in Guatemala I was able to catch some live Salsa at a bar in Antigua called La Esquina. This was actually the third time I had been to this bar, on this night (every Wednesday) to catch this band. I really love going to this place. Not only for the incredible music, but for the cool vibe, the numerous backpackers, and plenty of locals enjoying the music and dancing to their hearts content. I highly suggest that anyone who visits Antigua takes time on a Wednesday night to catch this show. This video was shot during a portion of a song where each member of the band had their own solo. The video is quite long but the first 3 or 4 minutes show a killer bongos solo and an even better guitar solo. The lighting is dark at times and their were a few drunken salsa dancers in the way towards the end but the sound is amazing. Take a listen to a bit, even if you don’t have time to watch the whole thing.

  1. Daniel Conn

    That band was awesome. Check out @ 2:36 for the guitar solo. Thanks for showing me around Guatemala dude. I had a blast!

    1. Matt

      glad you came man! guitar solo was sick!

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