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Using My Bonwi Points To Book A Hotel

Booking hotels can sometimes be a bit of a burden when you use sites that have no seamless user interface, load slowly or have an overcrowded feel to them. When you’re looking for a place to rest and relax at night on those special trips around the world, you want to make sure you’re getting quality – and the sign of quality is a good website. That’s why Bonwi is one of the top ways to book hotels online. With their easy to use website, clean, streamlined photos and more, it’s a pleasure of a site to work with – wherever you plan to go.

Whenever I travel I try to utilise my Bonwi points. They’re easy to use, easy to collect and help save tons of cash on potentially expensive flights, car rentals and hotels. Not only that, but Bonwi also lets you collect points even on those bookings you’re redeeming points on. That’s an awesome win-win if you ask me. Here’s how I book hotels with Bonwi, including the benefits I get from using them time and again to help you decide whether it’s worth your while signing up with them. (Hint: It totally is.)

Signing Up

Signing up with Bonwi couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is go to their website and click ‘sign up’. They’ll ask for some information like your name, email address and the like, and then they will give you 1500 points just for signing up. Considering you only need around 10,000 to start redeeming for things like gift cards, it’ a win-win situation and you’re already a bit of the way there. After you sign up, you can peruse the site and their fantastic offerings – great deals to be had on car rentals, hotels and even plane tickets. Signing up with Bonwi has been one of the best moves I’ve ever done in order to save money when travelling, as the hotel options to choose from are immense and are the best possible deals you can find online.

Booking With Bonwi

Booking with Bonwi couldn’t be easier, and because I get points every time I book, whether I pay in full or use my points, I always check them out first. After all, when you get so many points back for bookings, it’s a no brainer to want to get something out of it for future use! All you have to do is either head to their homepage and use the search function there to look for cars and hotels, or go to their ‘Redeem’ tab at the top of the page to be taken to the search function for redeeming points. It’s here that you can search for flights too if you want to use your points on a flight to a far flung destination you’ve always dreamt of. In this sense, searching and booking with Bonwi couldn’t be easier regardless of whether it’s with points or a credit card. Don’t worry – they don’t keep credit card numbers on file either, so your card information is safe with Bonwi.

Redemption Of Points

Bonwi points are great because you can also earn points when you redeem on hotels, gift cards and flights. I always seem to have a pool of points because I book hotels so frequently so I keep collecting them! It’s no bother though – I just head over to Bonwi’s ‘Redeem Points’ page, plug in my destination and dates and away I go with booking a room or two with my handy points. The redemption process is quick and easy and you can even choose to add on insurance for a couple hundred more points per night just in case you don’t want to leave anything to chance.

Booking with Bonwi, whether you’re a newcomer who just opened an account, or you’re a seasoned Bonwi traveller like me, you will be left speechless at the quality of the site, the results, the whole booking process (with or without points) and just how easy it is to book great hotels for less while getting amazing perks for doing it. It’s safe to say that Bonwi is one of my top ‘go-to’ sites when it comes to bookings, especially since I travel so often it just makes sense to want to save money or get enough points to use for future trips, hotel stays or car rentals so I can continue enjoying the perks of my travels for years to come in a number of different ways.