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Top Ten Tuesdays – Things to Do in Slovenia

The following is a guest post by Rosalea Collinge and a continuation of my “Top Ten Tuesdays” series. This week our post is on the eastern European country of Slovenia.

If you are planning on visiting Slovenia, why not check out this list of ten great things to do in this beautiful place.

Visit the Capital
The capital of Slovenia is Ljubljana, a hub of activity with a lot to do. Here you will find a balance between the development of a modern city, and the history and simplicity of a small town. This city is located on the Ljubljanica river and has developed over time. This history can be seen through telltale signs from as far back as the Bronze Age. It was these which provided the foundations for the Roman town Emona, a popular place to cross from the Apennine Peninsula to the North. This city has a lot to offer, and is a good spot to visit when on holiday in this area.

Postojna Cave Adventures
Do you know the difference between stalactites and stalagmites? If they grab your attention, or you just want to find out more, visit Postojna Cave. Here, you can go on a guided tour down to its depths, and see the amazing calcite formations. This is the cave’s second century of attracting visitors and adventurers, so why not join them and have an underground adventure of your own.

Visit Lake Bled
If you want a place to relax and swim in beautiful waters, Lake Bled is a great idea. Found in Upper Carniola in the mountains of the north-west of Slovenia, this lake is perfect for chilling out and taking in the surrounding alpine scenery. There are also various sports available around this area, so lots to see and do if you need entertaining.

Visit Lipica Stud Farm
Another idea for a great day out is to visit the Lipica Stud Farm, home to the Lipizzaner horse. This farm is important both culturally and historically. In this gorgeous Karst region, you will find beautiful thoroughbred horses as well as a classical riding school and lots of opportunity for recreation. So if you are particularly interested in horses, go here!

Å kocjan Caves
To see even more caves, try the Å kocjan Caves. These are responsible for the origination of the Reka River. Here you will find gorges and corroded limestone and the blind valley of the Reka River which is the largest in Slovenia.

Triglav Source
Triglav National Park
If you want to see a national park, your only option is the Triglav National Park. But this is a fantastic option, with the Triglav mountain in the heart of this beautiful place reaching a dazzling 2864 m. This is the highest summit in Slovenia and is even to be found on the national coat of arms flag.

Follow the Trail at the Vintgar Gorge
Staying with nature, a popular feature in Slovenia is the Vintgar gorge. This has been made visitor friendly with galleries, bridges, and a trail. At the end of the gorge you will find the Å um waterfall, the highest in Slovenia and a beautiful sight. You can then follow the path to the chapel of St Catherine above Zasip, where you can get a brilliant view over the whole area of Bled.

The City of Piran
Piran is a beautiful town found on the coast and has an archaic and Mediterranean look. In the Middle Ages it was created as a harbour and fishing town, and is seen as an historical and cultural monument. If you go here you can stay in great Slovenia hotels, dine in restaurants and visit museums and an aquarium.

Logar Valley
The beauty of Slovenia continues in the Logar Valley. Found in the Kamnik-Savinja Alps, you can truly experience nature as you walk along. This impressive landform has the last Ice Age to thank for its formation.

Trenta Valley
Sticking with natural formations, the Trenta valley is another good place to visit. Here you will find Tolmin gorge and Tolminka river. Also a must-see is the thermal water spring on the bank of the Tolminka, very rare within this type of landscape. There are also caves here, as well as a popular Hudicev most, also known as the ‘Devil’s Bridge’, above which the entrance to the Zadlaška or Dante Cave can be found.

So Slovenia has a lot to offer. It is an especially great place to visit if you are interested in geographical formations, from mountains and valleys to caves and gorges, it has it all. To find out more, visit My Destination Slovenia, and enjoy your visit.

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  1. Sophie @ Sophie's World

    I spent a week in Piran as a teenager – many, many years ago, when it was still called Yugoslavia. Looks beautiful still, I see. Good tips here, I look forward to exploring Slovenia more when an opportunity pops up.

    1. Matt

      Yea Piran looks beautiful! Hopefully my next trip to Europe will allow some time for Eastern Europe and places like Slovenia.

  2. John D. Wilson

    Nice read – specific things to do and good descriptions.
    Maybe one day……..
    John D. Wilson

    1. Matt

      Thanks for the read John!

    1. Matt

      Seriously right? Some absolutely gorgeous photos.

  3. Jeremy Branham

    I am not sure there is anything I can add to this. You already know how I feel about Slovenia! 🙂

  4. Traveling Ted

    This is a great list and has places for everyone. I have read that Lake Bled is a beautiful place from that Jeremy character.

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