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Top Ten Tuesdays – Things to Do in Cape Verde

Another great round of things to do in this week’s “Top Ten Tuesdays” post. Thanks again to Leon Levy for an incredible list for another world renowned destination, this week, we take a look at Cape Verde, just off the west coast of Africa. Cape Verde has quickly become a tourist hot spot, and below, Leon gives us ten reasons why. Enjoy!

Women Walking on Cape Verde Beach
Incredible white sand beaches such as Sal, Maio and Boa Vista are world-class. Cape Verde beaches are famous as much for their uninterrupted views of the azure sea that stretch on for miles as for how peaceful they are. Forget jostling with the masses for a decent spot in the sun – here you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Learn to Surf
Always wanted to try surfing but never took the plunge? There aren’t many places better suited to learning how to carve up the waves as Cape Verde. Not only is the surf exciting thanks to the big breaks but there are also plenty of opportunities for wind surfers.

Scuba Diving
Jump in at the deep end by booking yourself into one of the many boat diving expeditions. The deliciously warm waters of Cape Verde offers crystal clear views of the thriving marine wildlife that inhabits the underwater volcanic caves and boulders along the Cape Verde coastline.

Night-time Turtle Excursions
The Cape Verde Islands are a haven for the endangered loggerhead turtle – in fact it’s the third largest breeding site for these amazing creatures on the planet. Between July and October curious visitors can go and watch the hatchling turtles as they creep from the beach to the sea for the very first time.

Fogo Volcanic Island
This island is essentially a great volcano that dominates the surrounding seas. The mighty five mile-wide and seven mile-long crater is still active and makes the soil of this lunar landscape rich and fertile. Coffee beans and vines both benefit from the volcanic earth so be certain to give the local coffee and wine a try.

Game Fishing
Blue marlin, tuna, dorado and more can be on the menu – depending on your sea fishing skills. Find a reliable captain and head off into the ocean blue to hunt for your dinner – but be careful, fearsome tiger sharks are known to prowl the deeper waters.

Santo Antao
It may seem pointless to debate over which of these gorgeous string of islands is the most beautiful, but for many this is the one. Incredible mountain top sea views will provide memories to last a lifetime. Hike or drive through lush forests to discover your perfect vantage point.

Carnival Baia das Gatas Music Festival
Visit this bay during the first weekend of August and join tens of thousands of people who all converge on this one beach to enjoy vibrant local as well as international bands and live performers. Enjoy the food as well as drink stalls that serve party-goers all night long.

View from Cidade Velha
Cidade Velha
Cape Verde is rightly proud of its UNESCO world heritage site. This 15th Century historical treasure – and former Portuguese colonial capital of the islands – boasts two churches, a picturesque harbour and was a stopping off point for the great explorer, Christopher Columbus, as he made his journey to the Americas.

Traditional Cape Verdean Evening

Enjoy fresh Verdean seafood, the traditional dish of manchup, made up of meat, beans and vegetables, as well as local folk music known as morna. Verdeans are famous for their hospitality. So sit back, have a drink and enjoy meeting the locals. Cabo Verde offers a wide variety of activities and fabulous hotels where you can relax after a long day of surfing or diving.

This post is by Leon Levy. Leon is a British writer specialising in travel, the environment and current affairs. He has a particular interest in the Middle East and South Asia. The content and photos of this post are not the property of but are used with permission.

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