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Thomas Cook uses Twitter to tweak your Vacation

Harness the power of Thor! Ok, so Twitter is no Thor’s hammer but it has been transformed a little into becoming a pocket travel agent. As a backpacker I look for ways to make my life easier especially in unfamiliar territory. Thomas Cook created a Twitter system that allows you to tweet their “Holidays’ to Go!” to find insider info and holiday deals.


I didn’t think that a global system would respond back to me but by sending @TCOffers a request for the following criteria: beach…wine…volcano (sounds like a strange combination but I wanted to push it to the max and see what it kicked out) and later in the day, I received three separate holiday ideas to choose from.

It outlined everything I needed. I hate wading through pages and pages of resort information, hotel packages, “how to and things to do” articles. I like concise all-in-one, no muss, no fuss Boom! There it is. All the information you need.

I am a control freak but decided to throw caution to the wind (luckily it didn’t hit me in the face) and basically hopped on one of the flights to Lanzarote recommended by Thomas Cook. Since I had never been to any of the Canary Islands before, I left it up to the professionals to get me there.

I took a flight out of Manchester to Lanzarote which took roughly 5 hours and the transfer from the airport on a “guagua” was little over 45 minutes to my first port of call.

Beach scene with blank book

I stayed in Villas Blancas in Playa Blanca to rest and get my bearings. The next day I headed north to El Golfo to see the legen-wait for it-dary green lagoons amidst the black volcanic beds and streaming water vapours before heading back to the hotel to have drinks with some locals. Everyone here speaks the language of wine (¡Salud)

My last day on this island involved getting vertigo on the Risco de Famara sea cliffs (but the view before I got nauseous was amaze-balls!) and took a slow “guagua” to Be Live Lanzarote Resort Hotel and headed straight for Playa Cucharas in order to windsurf for the first time. I think the theme of this trip was definitely “firsts”. As a backpacker, I usually don’t stay in such ‘fancy-smanchy’ hotels but hey, it was all part of the package.

After such an experience, I’m like an annoying convert just telling anyone who is not bored with my ravings about the service, the people, what I did, what I saw and how epic it all was.